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26 July 2019 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Why and when should a website be redesigned?

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Nothing could be simpler today than to do an Internet search to find out where to have dinner, where to buy a new bag, where to go on holiday etc. It is therefore necessary for a company to have a selling, aesthetic and ergonomic website. However, trends are changing, as are the ways of browsing. Here is an article to explain why and when to redesign your website.

Redesigning a website: what does it consist of?

The redesign of a website is to rethink it. We therefore start from an existing site and adapt it to improve the user experience and adapt it to new trends.

The redesign can be total or partial. By total redesign, we mean “completely rethinking the website, starting from scratch”. This may sometimes be necessary to get a clearer picture, to make the redesign simpler. For example, if your website was created a long time ago, it will probably be easier to carry out a total redesign because the navigation habits of the users, the possible functionalities etc. will be very different from what existed when your initial website was created. A complete redesign includes the renewal of the site map, its tree structure, the visual and textual content, and the layout. It also allows the enhancement of new elements. The overhaul of your site can be possibly accompanied by the overhaul of the visual identity of your company, i.e. a graphic redesign.

On the other hand, if your website is more recent and ergonomic, a partial redesign can be considered. For this, the body of the website is kept and only certain elements are modified to optimize its use and thus improve the user experience. For example, it is possible to add tabs to make information more accessible, or add a Call To Action button. It is therefore a lighter work but can only be done on certain websites.

Why redesign your website?

Redesigning your website has several interests:

Giving confidence and attracting new customers

Your website is the showcase of your company. A beautiful showcase attracts the eye, makes people want to enter the store, and even to recommend it to others if the content is interesting. The same goes for your website. Its appearance as well as its content is of utmost importance. Therefore, special attention must be paid to UI design and UX design, i.e. the design of your user interface but also of the user experience. A beautiful and ergonomic look and feel as well as quality content will help you improve your conversion rate, i.e. turn people from mere visitors to customers and then loyal customers. As trends and ways of browsing evolve, your site too must evolve to remain attractive. In addition, a beautiful website with quality content reassures you about the seriousness of the company and your brand image. It allows you to create a relationship of trust.

Improve the natural referencing of your website

A makeover of your website will allow you to improve its natural referencing. Indeed, search engines work with algorithms that will highlight certain sites according to their number of visitors, the quality of their graphics and code, their content etc. An older website will suffer from a lower optimization of its natural referencing. Redesigning your site with a new web design will then be a good digital strategy.

Improve the responsiveness of your website

Depending on the time when your website was created, navigation habits may have changed. For example, today, 76% of Swiss people use mobile Internet, which was not the case a few years ago. Redesigning your website to make it responsive on mobile is therefore a necessity to be able to reach all Internet users. It is therefore necessary to adapt the web design of your site to the different possible navigation media: computer, mobile, tablet. Do not hesitate to call upon a developer and a graphic designer to optimize the pages of your site. The graphic designer can make mock-ups for your redesign project so that your new mobile website respects your graphic charter and is in your image.

Use new functionalities

As technology evolves, the range of possibilities widens. More interaction possibilities, the possibility to control updates of your own website, new designs etc. Thinking about a redesign of your website can be an opportunity to use these new features and thus benefit from their advantages. This can notably contribute to make your site more dynamic and interactive. For this, it is important that the loading time of your website is fast. Indeed, many users will prefer to go to another page rather than wait for yours to load. This will therefore be a good way to decrease your bounce rate although the main factor remains the content of your site.

When and how to proceed?

To think about “redesign” you obviously need to have created a website: a redesign is necessarily based on existing elements. But when should you think about redesigning it?

Several reasons may lead you to wish to redesign your website. For example, if your site is a little old, or if it does not have a very good natural referencing. You may also want to redesign your website if you are expanding your business and your current site doesn’t allow you to integrate it in a simple and ergonomic way.

If the content and interface of your site are not adapted to the way people navigate or your site is not responsive on mobile and tablet computers, it is also time to redesign it.

How do you proceed to redesign your website? Usually, to get a quality rendering, calling a web designer is essential. If you wish to find competent people who are used to this kind of work, we can help you from the analysis of the data of your current site to the launch of your new site. It is indeed important to carry out a complete analysis of your site before the redesign and to determine the most visited pages in order to highlight them during the redesign.
Our teams of web designers and developers take care of the rest.
We assure you a quality rendering!

If you would like more information about the redesign of your website, please do not hesitate to contact us