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You want to modernize your image with a new visual identity? You are launching your company and you need a logo? You want to be accompanied during the creation and communication of your visual identity?

Every year many companies initiate a real strategic shift by rebranding their brand. Many other companies are being created and need a powerful and impactful visual identity for their brand, products or company. Graphic orientations evolve according to the virtuous circle of trends. However, it is preferable to mix traditions and innovations in order to modernize a brand in the best possible way. Although generally the lifespan of a logo or a graphic charter as a whole lasts between 5 and 10 years, a change of visual identity must remain in line with the company’s strategy


What are the elements to take into account when creating a new logo?

When you create your logo it is important to take into account the following elements:

  • For companies wishing to renew their visual identity, it is essential to know how to define the right moment to do your rebranding.

    There are appropriate times to think about redesigning your visual identity. Indeed, to do a rebranding, it is not enough to simply redesign the logo. You need to ask yourself the right questions before you start creating a visual identity: Has your company undergone recent changes? What is your current target audience? Has the market changed in any way? Or are you simply in need of renewal?

  • For all companies that wish to create their logo or renew their existing logo, you must choose striking visuals that align with your company's values.

  • It is also essential to analyze your target clientele, to explore the proposals made by the competition, to think about the different versions of your logo: black, white, color, different formats etc. and to integrate a relevant baseline.

  • Finally, you will have to pay particular attention to the colors which, depending on the culture or country, have a special meaning.

What communication plan to adopt when launching a new logo?

At the beginning of a company but also some time after its creation, it is normal to review its positioning, its vision and its values because the company evolves at the same time as your business. Also, updating your brand image will allow you to communicate this evolution. To launch a new logo, you must define your communication plan. This communication plan must be planned internally but also externally of your company. It is important first of all to define the budget, the deadlines as well as the employees and partners who will have a role to play. Also involve your consumers and targets by setting a date for the unveiling of your new identity once the creative work is completed. When rebranding, remember to explain the changes you are making to reassure potential investors and reach other potential customers. But how do you communicate? You can use social networks, a blog article or a press release. Discover our article dedicated to digital communication trends in 2020. It’s up to you to choose the medium that suits you best. 


Why use a graphic design and communication agency?

Redesigning a company’s brand image is not easy. It can have strong repercussions, both positive and negative. This is the main reason why it is preferable to have someone accompany you. Our graphic design and communication agency, Habefast, is fortunate to have several strings to its bow to offer you the most complete help possible. We have a team of passionate, talented and imaginative graphic designers to create your brand image according to your expectations. Our project managers will also be able to advise you properly while ensuring the follow-up of your project and respecting the deadlines imposed. We will organize brainstormings with your teams in order to find the best compromises for your brand image. You can discover at the bottom of this page some examples of visual identity projects that our teams have worked on.