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6 August 2020 - Reading time: 3 minutes

Digital communication trends in the second half of 2020

Habefast Blog Tendances Communication Digitale Deuxieme Semestre 2020

Our analysts and specialists in digital communication have carried out for you an analysis of the major trends to be taken into consideration for the second half of 2020. Find these themes in our article below.

Digital communication: A changing sector and the emergence of new platforms

The communication sector is changing with the strong emergence of platforms such as TikTok or Twitch (an American collaborative platform allowing people playing video games to watch videos, usually live – a platform bought out by Amazon). TikTok is notably used for humorous but also professional purposes by influencers, for example by presenting products in partnership with this or that brand. It is important to surf on trends.

  • TikTok claims 800 million monthly active users worldwide since January 2019.

The importance of more ephemeral content for your communication campaigns

For advertising campaigns realized with influencers, it is important, in addition to the fixed posts and videos, to realize more ephemeral content such as Instagram stories, live to explain the concept of a brand with which you start a partnership…

Branding, a great asset for brands/companies

The idea is to make sure that the brand image is good in the consumer’s mind. It is a strong differentiating factor in the face of competition. The main trends in 2020 for Branding are: minimalism, warm colors, logos adapted to the web and modular according to its usefulness, natural and elegant, make visual storytelling and finally have your own personal hashtag. 

The communication sector and agencies themselves are changing

The communication agencies themselves are in a state of flux, sometimes integrating advertisers for a few days during the project as advertisers need to be involved in the creative process in order to add brand preference and real-time user experience. This allows them to integrate the consumer or other stakeholders such as influencers for example. To stay on top, agencies need to take (measured) risks but take risks.

Showing commitment and transparency, a testimony of honesty from companies today?

Advertising campaigns should be more focused on companies’ commitments based on the really important news facts that deserve to be taken into account. They correspond to the values that the company advocates and the message it wants to communicate to its customers, to its community of buyers. It is a new way of communicating around the brand/company identity. Transparency, sincerity, emotion… strong values. Moreover, highly personalized marketing works very well.   Story telling is very important and you have to be in the real world to gain the long-term trust of customers / internet users / the population.

Mobile applications, in the air of time?

The creation of mobile applications or mobile sites must be valued, as mobile usage statistics are constantly increasing in most sectors of activity. As far as direct online sales are concerned, brands no longer have a choice.

Digital pollution: major challenges of the 2020 year?

It must increasingly be taken into account in the digital strategy of brands. Applications do not always use 100% renewable energies, yet it is important to remedy this. Numerous reports denounce digital pollution through advertising e-mails that are too numerous and often not observed by customers. A virtuous approach must be adopted: towards greater performance: less consumption but better. The future of the planet is probably hiding there.           

The rise of podcasts

There is a strong increase in listening to podcasts for more content with an intelligent background: the many ideas for content, content adapted to mobility since it can be listened to on your smartphone and therefore in transport, on the street or wherever you want.  

The democratization of podcasting allows fans of this format to listen to their favorite shows on many platforms. For business or marketing podcasts: you can find them on Apple Podcasts or Google Podcasts which are the most important platforms. Then there are other platforms such as Spotify, Castbox, Podbean, Stitcher and Overcast, which are mostly pay platforms. There are many business and marketing podcasts dealing with many different topics.

Do you want to analyze the potential of these trends for your business or set up projects so you don’t miss out on some important turning points? Do not hesitate to contact us and the experts of our communication agency will be able to accompany you both in the analysis of the elements that could be interesting for you and in their operational implementation.