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An audiovisual center dedicated to your projects

Launched in 2016, Lakeprod is the Habefast group’s multimedia studio, dedicated to the creation of content for your company in French-speaking Switzerland. Lakeprod was born out of the growing need to integrate quality visual and audiovisual content into marketing campaigns and the increasing demand from our clients for tailor-made services. The services offered by Lakeprod, reserved to professionals and companies, are varied and complete: you will inevitably find the format that suits you. Whatever it is, your project is unique and will be handled by passionate experts.

Lakeprod works with the latest technological innovations, to provide you with the best quality results, professional shots and videos edited in high definition. The photo and video equipment is regularly renewed, to ensure optimal image quality. We regularly use our drone (UAV): it allows us to make spectacular shots that bring an added value that your interlocutors will appreciate.

The photo studio

We are exposed to an average of 3000 advertising images per day. For this reason, quality photos are an aesthetic and effective way to stand out from the competition and gain visibility and notoriety. Lakeprod’s photographers organize professional shoots for all types of occasions and subjects: advertising, fashion, culinary, corporate portraits, trade shows… A network of photo studios throughout the region is at your disposal and the photographers are available 7 days a week, so that the shooting takes place in the best conditions. Outdoor shoots are also possible throughout French-speaking Switzerland: our experts will be able to advise you to find the setting that best suits your project.

The video studio

At a time of digitalization, audiovisual content is of paramount importance. Video is a very interesting communication medium because it is easy to remember. Quality videos will have a very striking impact on your customers and your interlocutors. A video can be used to highlight your company (corporate video presenting your company and your activity, reports aimed at capturing the atmosphere of your working environment, reports on professional events), to launch a marketing campaign (advertising spots) or to present your projects (video clips to highlight your image and your talents). Whatever your project is, Lakeprod’s professional videographers will accompany you in its realization from A to Z: script, choice of shooting location (in the whole French-speaking part of Switzerland), video editing, until the final editing.

Motion design

Motion design brings a touch of originality to a communication campaign or a presentation video. This dynamic and modern style proves to be very effective and will leave a lasting impression on your clients and contacts. Lakeprod helps you to create a unique universe, notably thanks to personalized illustrations to allow you to define an unforgettable and very impactful visual identity. These videos can be adapted to all your communication supports, and especially to your presence on social networks, fond of this technology.