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You want to improve your natural search engine optimization on Google? You need help to optimize your web content? You are looking for a Google referrer?

What is SEO?

We understand SEO to be a practice that is essential to the notoriety and visibility of a brand. The ¾ of Internet users do not visit the second page of search results when they query a keyword or phrase in the Google search bar. It is therefore important to be present on the first page of search results for relevant keywords related to your business.

Referencing consists in developing strategies to make a site appear in search engines, especially Google, and ideally in first position. The goal is to reference the site as well as possible by trying to make it gain a maximum of positions in the search engine. Internet referencing is not limited only to websites or web pages. Indeed, images, documents (.doc, .pdf, etc.), videos, products, places or applications can be referenced. Also, referencing makes it possible to attract potential prospects to your pages and thus lead new leads.

There are two SEO techniques: natural or organic referencing (SEO) and paid or sponsored referencing (SEA). Organic SEO consists in naturally registering on search engines thanks to the insertion of relevant keywords, incoming backlinks or an internal network. In other words, SEO uses so-called natural techniques to bring your website to the top positions of the search engine.

SEA on the other hand aims at optimizing a page in a paying way. This technique is based on putting online advertisements in good position on search engines. The SEA is however not viable in the long term. It is preferable to rely more on natural referencing techniques.

What is a Google SEO expert?

The Google SEO expert is the person in charge of the referencing of a company. He improves the traffic of a site and works on its visibility with its current and potential customers. This work requires various expertise and qualities:

  • Writing

    He must indeed have editorial skills in order to enrich the website with well-constructed and interesting contents. His texts must be clear and composed of relevant keywords related to the company’s sector of activity so that the company can be well referenced on them.

  • Coding

    Coding is an important skill for a Google SEO expert. Indeed, the latter must sometimes intervene in the source code and possibly check its conformity.

  • Marketing

    To intervene on a site, the SEO expert needs to implement a real strategy. He must identify the keywords that will ensure the economic profitability of a website. It is thanks to this marketing strategy that the company excels or not in terms of web notoriety.


  • The organization and the follow-up

    The optimization of the natural referencing of a site is a work without real end because we can always improve our positions, index ourselves on new keywords, etc.. The Google SEO expert will therefore have to work in a structured and organized way to define his priorities and follow the evolution of positions following the implementation of certain actions.

What is a good SEO expert?

There are several types of SEO consultants: some are developers, others have studied literature, economics or marketing. Whatever his field of predilection, an expert focused on SEO editorial seems to be essential to optimize your SEO as well as possible. He knows how to combine several qualities that are sometimes difficult to combine internally.

Characteristics of a good SEO expert:

  • He is able to make an objective and quality audit of your website. It draws up its analysis by identifying the brakes and comparing your company to those of competitors.

  • It has a detailed knowledge of the rules of in-page, in-site and off-site optimization.

  • He thinks in terms of demand to better optimize.

  • He masters web technology so as not to be blocked during the implementation of optimizations.

  • He knows how to work in a perspective of ROI (return on investment) for the customer.

What are the missions of a Google expert?

The missions of the SEO consultant are also diverse. After having established the audit of a site, he notes all the elements that make the site penalized by Google. Then, the SEO agency issues recommendations to solve the problems identified.

Also, even if the techniques used by SEO experts are multiple, each SEO consultant has his own method for the positioning of a website.

His main tasks are the following:

  • Selection of relevant keywords for clients

  • Writing meta descriptions

  • Creation of links

  • Writing of texts to be inserted on the site

  • Performing an initial and a final audit to show the acquired positions

  • Constant monitoring work because Google's algorithm is constantly changing. But also because, like any sector in general, it is necessary to keep abreast of the latest news in the sector in which you work in order to be up to date and reliable.

Why use Habefast's Google SEO expert?

Do you need an expert who combines marketing expertise with a technical specialty? Our SEO agency Habefast and its multidisciplinary experts will be able to help you for your SEO. Our SEO consultants will study for you the expectations and requests of your prospects, will position the texts of your site and optimize it with the objective that it appears on the first page of the search engine. Our SEO experts will be happy to put their skills to the service of your company’s development thanks to a better indexing of your website.

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