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28 March 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Touch interfaces and interactive terminals

Habefast Blog Article Touch Interfaces And Interactive Terminals

At a time when e-commerce is exploding and digital continues to rise, it is becoming essential for companies to strengthen their strategies. At the point of sale, at your trade fairs and exhibitions, in your reception areas, touch screens modernize your communication strategy.

Small and discreet or large formats, touch terminals are tools at the cutting edge of technology that allow you to use them for a variety of applications: interactive catalogues and maps, presentation of your brand, products and services… These touch technologies can be used in many areas such as shopping, restaurants, tourism, you will also find them in public places such as train stations or museums.

Touch facilitates most of the daily tasks and activities and considerably improves the customer experience.
In fact, 90% of users consider their experience on interactive terminals to be positive.

Discover the 5 good reasons to use them in your points of sale.

1. In operation 24/24h and 7/7d.

Interactive surfaces allow you to provide information and intelligence to users on a continuous basis. Very effective when it comes to trivial tasks, to provide information and intelligence, it will free up your staff.

2. Improves the shopping experience

60% of users believe that using an interactive kiosk is synonymous with saving time.  In addition, they provide a fun experience. For example, point-of-sale animation through the participation of volunteers in contests, raffles, or virtual try-outs.

3. Increased sales

Thanks to tactile media, you can distribute your discount offers, new collections and products intuitively, so that they are visible at a glance to your customers. This reinforces their purchase intent and immerses them in the brand universe. In addition, by simplifying the buying process, you increase your conversion rate, i.e. the number of purchases in relation to the number of visits to the store. In fact, tactile media allow your customers to order their items in store more independently and to pay for them at the terminal.

4. Sales assistance

These tactile surfaces allow you to consolidate your sales force’s sales pitch, with the help of product demonstration videos or product sheets. In restaurants, for example, touch allows for efficiency gains. Automatic touch terminals allow you to order and pay directly before picking up your menu at the counter. Intuitive and ergonomic, these kiosks increase the capacity of restaurants while making the customer more autonomous and reducing employee pressure.

5. Analyze consumer behavior

The touch-screen kiosks allow you to access the IT and marketing back office. You can follow sales statistics in real time and obtain interesting behavioral data. An interactive kiosk always creates a strong impact because it arouses the curiosity of the public.

An interactive kiosk always creates a strong impact because it arouses the curiosity of the public and it adapts to all types of communication according to your needs.

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