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26 January 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Digital Trends 2017

Habefast Blog Article Trends Digital 2017

2017 will bring us even more personalized customer experience.

Anticipating future customer needs by identifying their past profiles and behavior is a key step. But in 2017 it will be necessary to go even further.

Indeed, 97% of millennials (people aged 18 to 34) use mobile devices on a daily basis, and 20% of them no longer use a computer. As the majority of Internet traffic comes from smartphones, mobile marketing encompasses all the trends for 2017.


Ultra-personalization consists in considering marketing with a personalized direct approach to each customer. For this, several tools can be used.

  • Geolocation: A message, at the right time and in the right place. 

The objective is to attract the individuals present in a catchment area to go to a shop. This can be achieved by proposing relevant and targeted offers to consumers directly on their mobile phones via application or mobile site to drive traffic to points of sale.

  • Chatbots: a new customer service

The big trend 2017: a conversation with a robot to respond quickly to the needs of the Internet user. Artificial intelligence capable of dialoguing with the consumer at any time. The aim is not to eliminate all human relations, but to speed up access to information for the customer.

How to create your chatbot?

Facebook is now one of the platforms that allows you to create your own chat Messenger, with more than 18,000 chatbots registered.

You can also use the Chatefuel platform in a simpler way. The only potential limitation of the platform is that it is only available in English.

  • Live Marketing:From Snapchat to Periscope to Facebook live, the way for businesses to reach consumers directly.

Easy to use, real-time information delivery tools are revolutionary for tracking your launches and other key events. You’ll also be able to schedule question and answer sessions to engage your community so they feel closer to you.

Influence marketing strategy

A well-known personality who recommends your products and services to all his fans and followers can be effective.

Indeed, it is one of the marketing trends of 2017. Followers will trust the recommendations and experiences of the opinion leaders they follow every day on social networks. In order to facilitate the connection between brands and influencers, Habefast has launched a new entity dedicated to this strategy: influenceurs.ch.

We select, on your behalf, the influencers most in line with your philosophy and your products so that they promote your offers in an adapted way.

Digital marketing will increase in 2017 with a trend towards personalization in order to care for and stimulate consumers. If you wish to capitalize on all these strategies, do not hesitate to contact our digital department  for more information.

As a digital agency, Habefast accompanies you in the adoption of new digital strategies adapted to your company.