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29 January 2019 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Marketing Trends 2019

Habefast Blog Article Trends Marketing 2019

Whether it’s trends from 2018 that persist or new ones, what are the marketing trends for the year 2019? Whether it’s social networks, chatbots, printed newsletters or augmented reality, what are the countless possibilities these tools offer marketers? Here’s an overview of current trends, the new emerging trends of 2019 and the indispensable tools for marketers in 2019!

New Emerging Trends in 2019

New trends emerge every year, and here’s a glimpse of what’s in store for 2019.

Google’s new campaigns are rehabilitating the display. Google Ads with its new smart campaigns on the display network allows you to reach all Internet users at all stages of the buying cycle through automatic bidding, targeting and ad creation. Thus, even if the Google algorithm still requires advanced targeting, configured by a specialized agency to optimize display impressions, these new campaigns generate more results.

Also noteworthy is the return this year of printed newsletters, a symbol of creativity and non-conformism according to Forbes. The ideal was therefore to implement a strategy combining digital and printed content.

Visual searches are also making their entrance, allowing users to obtain textual information about objects from a photo or video. The future of e-commerce and online marketing, combined with the development of voice search, promises to be revolutionary

Another key feature of 2019 is “all-in-one” CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It is increasingly used by marketers to implement marketing automation tools, sales activation and consumer services.

On the new technologies side, virtual reality and augmented reality, which are always trendy, allow the consumer to be proactive in advertising messages, thus enriching the customer experience. These technologies are developing more and more and today represent a market of approximately $27 billion and estimated to reach $209 billion within the next 4 years.

The UGC (User Generated Content) is a marketing technique used to generate authentic content, centered on the user who generates the content. This technique increases the credibility of a brand, whose marketing is essentially based on sharing its users’ content. A synonym of this marketing technique is brand advocacy, a form of marketing based on satisfied employees or consumers promoting the brand or product. This free advertising is extremely credible with consumers, since according to a survey, 83% of consumers say they trust the opinions of their acquaintances and friends.

Essential trends and tools for marketers in 2019

The watchword of marketing in 2019 is authenticity. 80% of Internet users prefer original, quality content rather than ads with no added value. This authenticity must go hand in hand with transparency, particularly with regard to the processing of user data.

Always with the idea of highlighting the company’s authenticity, the CEO’s commitment and visibility are important, for example by writing posts or comments to give a sincere and transparent vision of the company.

With the current debates on data protection, full corporate transparency on the use of consumer data, such as that collected on chatbots, is a daring marketing tool to make a difference.

The use of AMB (Account Based Marketing) is also a useful tool for ultra-personalization, which allows to focus on high-potential targets to reach directly the heart of the target!

Finally, the targeting trend of 2019 is the micro moments. Micro-moments refer to quick searches and last-minute purchases made by the consumer.

This targeting trend is a way for brands to differentiate themselves from other ads, provided that they guarantee a responsive mobile interface, display ultra-personalized content and identify the best mobile searches.

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