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13 March 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Web design 2017 trends

Habefast Blog Article Trends Web Design 2017

The user experience becomes a priority today when creating a website. The advent of animations and interactions has given life to digital interfaces. Many tools are at your disposal to benefit from an ergonomic interface, a pleasant Web design and thus be able to seduce users discovering your website.

Here are the 5 web design trends to follow in this year 2017.

The cinemagraph

The cinemagraph is a technique that consists of putting animated GIF format a photo from video excerpts. It gives the impression of an animated photo or a very short video that does not stop. Cinemagraph is the art of making a simple photo more realistic by adding movement to give it life.


Cinemagraphs can also be very useful to present your company or products in a dynamic way.


With 3D, bring another dimension to the user experience on your websites. A tool that now allows you to dynamically enhance your product presentations, such as Nike and its illustration below, 3D Golden balls in the real world.


Some plugins can also help you add dimension to your websites.


Develop a 3D navigation concept thanks to this CSS plugin that helps you create 3D resources for your digital media. This plugin converts your lists into a menu. It offers many customization options for perspective effect, colors, shadows, making the page of a website much more dynamic and attractive.


On your home pages, your loading pages, don’t hesitate to set up animations, it will give life to traditional 2D images and will be very useful to improve the UX (user experience). They should be natural and thoughtful and avoid containing effects that are too fast or too loaded. If the user doesn’t notice the animation, it is successful.


UI Movement is a resource of animated interfaces. This platform compiles the best animations / interactions of the moment, an excellent directory with many ideas published every day.

Use Your Interface

UYI is an inspiration library with hundreds of ideas for your interfaces.

Innovative scrolling and parallax

The parallax effect parallels several planes moving on different layers and at different speeds thanks to scrolling. Very useful for your showcase or event sites and even for your product presentations, this effect gives a dimension of depth. A tool that allows you to give your website an original graphic signature that users will remember.



Custom graphics and illustrations

To make your site memorable for the user, our graphic design team creates for you personalized illustrations and graphics representing your company’s values.

Do not hesitate any longer and capitalize on all these strategies. Contact our web and graphic design departments for all your projects.