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5 January 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

When to publish on social networks?

Habefast Blog Article When To Publish On Social Networks

Using social networks requires a certain rigor, and adopting a strategy is important for maximum visibility, promoting your brand and developing its visibility. It is important to publish content and at the most appropriate time. After the unveiling of our audiovisual production studio LakeProd and the style of photos to be published, we will talk about the most effective schedules to encourage interaction on your social media publications.

Precise times according to social networks

Know when to publish on social networks:

Generally, it is advisable to publish your status, photos or videos on social networks at different times of the day. It is true that the category of people you will reach will be different depending on the publication times, but if you plan to reach a large audience, here are the tips we recommend for your social media.

Millions of people use Instagram and Facebook, so schedules between 8am and 9am and 5pm and 7pm are advisable to reach as many people as possible, as many people are on transport at these times. Lunchtime, from 12 to 2pm, is also good because the lunch break allows you to visit the different social networks, but the recorded audience is lower than in the morning and evening. On the other hand, on Wednesdays, publishing from 1pm to 4pm is highly recommended because many active users are present on the social networks. The same is true for Friday, as people tend to be available earlier in the afternoon. Concerning Monday, the best time is in the evening, from 7pm to 10pm, especially on Instagram.

We note that according to various studies, Thursday and Friday are more favorable days for Facebook publications, while Monday appears to be optimal for Instagram. However, it should be noted that all days are convenient for Instagram because the differences are only small. For LinkedIn, the beginning of the week would be the best time to post content. Posting your visuals from Friday to Sunday would generate less commitment. Finally, weekdays are favorable for Twitter, especially between 12 noon and 3pm.

Which content for which period?

As for the publication hours, the content should be adapted to your desires and objectives. But it is interesting to publish different content for different periods. The days of the week, in particular, are not to be considered in the same way. Publishing something playful, light or even humorous on Mondays is relevant. The same goes for Friday, because the weekend inspires a certain relaxation. On the contrary, Tuesday and Thursday are good days to publish more serious content. Wednesday is the day of the children but also of the parents, who will be more inclined to go on the networks on that day.

Do not hesitate to follow trends and periods of the year to get more visibility. You can be inspired by holidays such as Christmas, Easter or Halloween. You will be able to take up this theme and make it a recurring one. World or international days can also punctuate your publications.

The main thing is to find schedules and content associated with social networks that suit you. Testing different schedules is a good way to find out when your community will be most engaged. If you would like more information, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you with your social networking or communication strategy.

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