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20 February 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Wi-Fi marketing, a new concept to exploit

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You’ve probably already tried to connect to a free Wi-Fi network for business or personal reasons to access your social networks. Indeed, according to a study by Iconic Displays “60% of network users say they can’t go more than a day without a Wi-Fi connection”, many users today are looking to connect to the free Wi-Fi network in order to access online content.

How to take advantage of the Wi-Fi market?

It’s a win-win strategy. The broadcaster (restaurant chain, hotel, department stores…), in exchange for access to a Wi-Fi point, retrieves a large amount of statistical data and information about the user.

The user will therefore benefit instantly or segmented over time from a free Wi-Fi connection and also from real-time offers and discounts in exchange for the data he provides.

The broadcaster, thanks to this data collection tool that can be reused at any time, benefits from a new broadcasting channel and an opening towards a new audience. Providing free Wi-Fi access is also a way of building its brand image and differentiating itself from its competitors.

How does it work?

Initially, the user connects to the Wi-Fi access offered by the advertiser, once registered and thanks to geolocation tools, he receives notifications when he is near the associated Wi-Fi hotspot. For example, they can be informed of current offers and discounts. The user passes in front of your company? You can anticipate with a notification by offering him a free drink. The fact that you are in a place of passage (shopping centers, city center…) is obviously a great advantage to optimize this new mobile strategy.

All the data collected (name, first name, address, birthday…) are stored in a CRM database. By searching the data from the user, you can now send him/her your best wishes for a happy new year, a happy birthday or even a good holiday!

The Wi-Fi network is becoming an essential marketing tool allowing you to focus on a personalized customer experience, a real asset for building customer loyalty.

With a market that will reach 33.6 billion dollars by 2020, Wi-Fi Marketing is a promising new strategy, so don’t hesitate any longer, contact our agency and be the first to implement your Wi-Fi Marketing strategy.

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