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13 December 2021

Digital trends in 2022

Digital Trends Habefast Blog

As December approaches, it’s time for us to come back to you and see what the trends will be in 2022, to get a glimpse of what’s happening in consumer behavior, how technology will evolve, to try to answer some of the questions we’re already asking. We’re going to build on the study from HubSpot and Talkwalker who have joined forces to release their second trend book on the evolution of social media in 2022.

The importance of tiktok

In 2022, social networking will still be a big trend. Social networks will still be a major place of operation for companies around the world. But Tiktok will be the place to be for the coming year. Social networking continues to be a big part of consumers’ habits, and brands that want to keep up with the trend need to pay attention to it next year.

The end of cookies

The digital giants have announced the imminent end of cookies, the technology that has served as the basis for measuring, targeting and delivering digital advertising. We are seeing a shift from a world with lots of tracking and a great optimization mechanism to a world with less tracking, less targeting and less optimization. The goal is to rebalance the situation so that the focus is more on creative work than on data-driven performance measurement.

The growth of social selling

As social media platforms become more involved in e-commerce, brands will need to rethink their customer journey and experiences based on each platform. More than 80 percent of social media users report buying fashion products after seeing them on Instagram. To stay ahead of the curve, marketers will need to integrate technology into their strategies.

The development of new formats

In a post-pandemic context, which has increased the number of social network users, one trend to expect is that of personalization and adaptation of content. While content developers must address multiple audiences, targeting specific groups is important to reach the right target audience. By using different messages for specific audiences, brands are able to gain visibility with potential customers. One way to do this is through audio and video.

The problem of misinformation

Social networks are one of the best tools for spreading information. However, they are also an effective tool for spreading rumors. Ultimately, this means that brands will need to be vigilant and make the right decisions… Knowing how to detect and combat misinformation is key to making social media engagement work for your brand.

The importance of influencer marketing

The days of relying on traditional channels such as television, radio and newspapers are over! In a world where companies must also react quickly to the many questions of their customers, influencer marketing is a way to satisfy their needs thanks to this relationship between an individual who has a large number of followers and a brand that knows how to optimize its actions thanks to these relays.

The decentralization of networks and the rise of brand platforms

If 2022 follows the path of 2021, the way online content is delivered will change dramatically. Marketers will have even more tools to help them deliver relevant messages from their social communities to customers. Some brands will likely still develop their own internal social networks to take back control of communication with their customers.

The year of virtual reality?

As our technological capabilities develop, VR is expected to become the next big trend. The metaverse will be the focus of discussions for 2022. While the term is still nebulous and a catch-all, augmented reality or virtual reality experiences will proliferate: virtual fitting rooms, augmented reality video games, filters, virtual platforms…. 

Towards more inclusiveness

The world in 2020 will indeed be more mobile, smarter and more digital. But we will also see a return of the social dimension, and companies will strive to create more inclusive worlds for all. In 2022, people will expect brands to have a social commitment. In order to build a long-term relationship with customers, it is important that brands consider their social responsibility. By doing so, they will be able to exceed consumer expectations and add more value to the brand.

A growing role for communities on the networks

The growing power of communities is more concrete than ever, with users increasingly critical of brands. Alone, nothing is possible, but united on social networks, consumers have the power to force companies to listen to them, even if they are only a minority.

We’ve compiled a list of digital trends, mainly from the perspective of user behavior. Of course, nothing is set in stone as technology is evolving faster and faster every year. So what we see today will not necessarily be the same in 3 years. But it can give a general idea of the future. The articles listed above should give you a good overview of what is available to read, and help you get an idea of your current capabilities.

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