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27 November 2020 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Followers on a corporate page in 2020

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Companies are present, most of the time, on at least one social network in 2020, generally in order to increase their notoriety at first, but also to generate more traffic on their websites and also with the objective of selling its products and/or services.

This article aims to identify the element(s) that make it difficult for companies today to have an optimized company page and benefit from a committed community on social networks. We will also present some optimization solutions for these pages.

The stakes for companies on social networks

The problem usually comes from the content. Indeed, it is only necessary to ask the following question: Why, on my personal social networks, do I tend to follow company pages less?

The answer is simple, most companies focus too much on self-promotion practices, which is not necessarily wise since Internet users quickly get tired of this type of posts. Today’s social network users want to escape or learn things by surfing social networks. Self-promotion should be done without appearing to be, in case we want to promote ourselves.

Companies and brands must create relationships with their subscribers, their community. They must succeed in creating a relationship, an emotion. Influencers succeed in reaching their audience thanks to their experiences, advice, positioning, defended causes, advocated values, life unveiling, life influence…

For companies, it’s the same thing. Apart from self-promotion of their products and/or services, they must reveal their character on their social networks. Basic information, i.e. presentation, business lines and contact information must be clearly explained in the description bar. As for publications and stories, they must be engaging through dynamic, diversified and regular content.

Note that it is easier for a clothing brand, a ready-to-wear or decoration store, for example, to get in and get up and running quickly on social networks. The challenge is greater for other business sectors. But it is not impossible to take up.

Some figures on social networks:

3.5 billion users of social networks (44% of the world’s population) and 3.4 billion users of mobile social networks (42% of the world’s population).


Every day, more than 200 million Instagram users view at least one brand profile. The platform has 25 million brand accounts and more than 500,000 active influencers. 1/3 of the most consulted stories are those of companies. 80 to 90% of Instagram accounts follow a company on the platform and 25 million companies have an account on Instagram.

Geolocation on publications is very important as those mentioning the location get 79% more engagements. In addition, publications containing a video are twice as impactful and committed as photo publications. Video tutorials are the most popular Instagram format. The platform has over 2 million active advertisers per month. Fashion sponsored publications or stories are the ones that generate the most engagement on Instagram. Instagram’s potential advertising reach is 849.3 million users. And finally, the Instagram platform helps 80% of consumers make decisions before investing in a service or product.

Optimize its company pages on social networks

  1. To have a 100% informed profile and to be reactive

    In case you receive a lot of customer questions, it is possible to consider creating a facebook or twitter page dedicated to customer answers, such as after-sales service.

  2. Knowing how to ask questions

    How will the chosen social networks help you develop sales?

    • Drive traffic to your website
    • Improve your brand image
    • Present your services and products
    • Attracting the attention of a new audience
  3. Having an engaged community

    For one-page followers to make a commitment to you and your publications, you need to be present and cultivate the spirit of your community. It is important to be regular in the days and hours of post and to offer a privileged content around the services you offer, the manufacture of your products or your news.

    The idea is therefore to ask questions in the publications.

  4. Create interactive publications 

    The more interactions the publications will receive, the more relevant they will be considered by social network algorithms and therefore by platforms. This is what will make the publications relevant.

  5. Demonstrating social proof 

    The importance of the weight of customer experience feedback, with a rating. Social Evidence is a principle of social psychology that relates to the fact that when an average individual does not know what to think or do then he or she will tend to be influenced by others and will tend to think or adopt other people’s points of view.

    Hence the increased influence of influencers in 2020, it is important to play on client testimonials.

  6. Determine your main targets

    It is crucial to determine your personas in order to be able to adapt your speech and reach the people we are interested in before reaching another audience.

  7. Regularly look at social network statistics 

    Statistics are key in this process. They give a lot of indicators and improvement factors for your pages. Facebook, for example, provides a system of audience statistics allowing you to target the audience you want according to different criteria such as age, gender, CSPs… To access it, you need to create an advertising account on Facebook.

  8. Have a fixed editorial line 

    • What tone should be used (first name / first address)?
    • What type of content (image, video, photo carousel, story…) ?
    • How often ?
    • How to position yourself ?
    • How many posts per week / per month ?
    • The strategy must be planned and fixed.

And finally, realize advertising campaigns to boost these corporate pages, involve people from outside the company as guests, set up partnerships with experts in the field, add hashtags linked to publications on Instagram (not too popular hashtags but rather niche hashtags), define KPIs, share the post of the day as a story, add links redirecting to social networks in e-mail signatures, think about keywords, write a clear and sober biography but containing crucial information, insert CTAs, plan to put the profession in the name bar, be authentic before being corporate.

Do not hesitate to contact us to organize a meeting with our community managers if you wish to be helped in this process.