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24 August 2018 - Reading time: 3 minutes

How to communicate for your company via Snapchat?

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Snapchat destabilizes traditional communication strategies. For good reason: nearly 50% of its regular users are young people under 25 years old!

An atypical concept, synonymous with a new opportunity

Launched in 2011, the Snapchat application has transformed the usual communication strategies. Its unique content is based on the limited time to view a photo and the youth of its users: Snapchat is a social network with a totally new concept. It is the social network aimed at the youngest target on the market, ahead of Tumblr and Instagram with 46.8% of young people between 18 and 24 years old. A demanding and connected target that needs to be carefully studied.

This is an opportunity to surprise by sharing exclusive, creative and personalized content and to propose an original digital communication strategy. Those who follow you on Snapchat form a community of followers and a promising audience that you can build loyalty. Your presence on this network allows you to build strong links by offering them “behind the scenes” images, backstage photos that can reinforce their proximity to your company, but also new products, promotional codes… It is therefore interesting to integrate Snapchat into your communication plan, especially in the context of your external communication.

Using Snapchat in your marketing and communication strategy

Although some Snapchat features may not be relevant to your business sector, it is important for your communication manager to define a structured global communication strategy. Your marketing plan should be all the more thoughtful as it targets an atypical social network. As a marketing agency, Habefast helps you to define a marketing strategy that is coherent with the philosophy and the offer of your company.

Adaptation to a new target

What target? By adopting the Snapchat social network, you are targeting a particularly young target. You then need to determine segmentation criteria in order to create homogeneous groups. To do this, you can identify the precise characteristics of the subscribers you want to address: age, SPC, location, interests etc.

What tone will you use with your followers? Adapting to a new target group is essential in order to attract their attention and make them loyal. The types of publication and the tone used must therefore be worked on and personalized according to the segmentation previously carried out.

How often should you publish? It is advisable to organize a publication schedule that respects the frequency you want. This will allow you to create certain habits among your subscribers, which will develop a feeling of closeness to your company. For this purpose, regular publications are recommended.

What publication format? Finally, the format of your marketing content will need to be defined. Consider whether you would prefer photos, videos or story sharing depending on the subscribers you are targeting. Stories allow you to target a generally larger target, unlike groups of subscribers.

Evaluate your performance

Evaluating the impact of your campaigns will then allow you to measure your performance on this social network. Initially lacking a tool for this purpose, Snapchat recently launched Snapchat Insights. This “program interface” application reserved for official accounts counts the number of views, time spent on stories, engagement and daily reach of a page. This tool will help you refine your strategy. Feel free to deepen your analysis by determining other KPIs that will give you more details. For example, the number of screenshots.

Ibis and the Sleepathon: a successful Snapchat campaign

At the end of 2016, the ibis Hotels chain is launching an unusual digital campaign: the great Sleepathon by ibis. This 12-hour competition is not about running but about putting your sleep to the test. Once an hour, participants are required to send a photo of themselves sleeping in an atypical place to the ibis account. The company then chooses a winner who wins 12 nights in an Ibis hotel around the world, and the result is 850,000 additional views, 3 million impressions and a threefold increase in commitment. The campaign’s success is of course due to the brand’s and its communication partner’s (BETC) high level of awareness. However, it is above all due to ibis’ ability to offer creative, playful and spontaneous content. With images taken in the act, off-beat filters and humorous photos that fade away in seconds, spontaneity is at the heart of Snapchat. Ibis was able to seize this opportunity. Depending on your company’s sector, each strategy will be different and must be adapted to this type of target.

Our strategy consulting agency will accompany you and help you become familiar with this atypical concept. Do you wish to be accompanied in the implementation of marketing tools? In the modeling and optimization of your business processes? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you wish to be accompanied in the implementation of marketing tools? In the modeling and optimization of your business processes? Do not hesitate to contact us.