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6 October 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The importance of a detailed graphic charter

Habefast Blog Article Importance Detailed Graphic Charter

The graphic charter is a real reference work, in terms of visual identity for your company. 

Acting as a guideline for all graphic media, it must be distributed very widely within your company and be easily accessible to all employees involved in communication. External communication agencies, partners as well as the press are also entities to think about when disseminating this charter.

What is a graphic charter made up of?

A graphic charter is made up of different characteristics. Most often, it will include the company’s logo, its baseline, the various reference typographies, the color codes and the rules for integrating and using these elements according to the distribution media. In particular, the graphic charter will precisely detail the possible uses or not of the logotype, the insertions according to the types of paper, media, publications, etc. It will prevent, for example, its distortion or misuse. This obviously applies to all types of media, print, web or multimedia. It is important to keep in mind that it must adapt to all possible types of use for your global communication, whether it is a print or digital communication. There is therefore a graphic code to be respected for your website as well as for your business cards, so that your visual brand can be identified. Whether it is for your logos, your printed materials or to define your brand identity, we help you in the elaboration of your graphic communication so that you have a coherent image allowing you to stand out.

What is the purpose of a graphic charter?

Designed to adapt to all situations and media, a graphic charter ensures consistency in a company’s communication and brand identity. It is also a source of time saving. Indeed, whether a company has an internal communication department or whether it outsources this activity, it will be able to refer to the graphic charter and the communication supports created previously in order to create new supports.

It saves time thanks to the transmission of a complete graphic charter that the service providers will be able to use. A person external to the company can be guided by the graphic charter and will have a direct view on the font, colors and logo referring to your company.

In addition, the graphic charter reflects your brand image. In fact, it is the set of elements that make it up that creates your brand identity. There is therefore a visual code to respect in order to have a coherent visual communication. A clear, concise and complete graphic charter will ensure the good diffusion of your visual identity, its coherence as well as simplified relations with your collaborators and service providers.

A clear, concise and complete graphic charter will ensure that your visual identity is well distributed, consistent and will simplify relations with your employees and service providers. It is also a necessary tool for internal use within your company. Do not hesitate to contact our visual communication agency for your graphic charter projects, we will be delighted to help you with its design. We also help you in the creation of a logo or a new visual identity to your image. 

As a web design agency, our art directors and graphic designers will accompany you throughout the development of your graphic identity to give a visual identity to your company.