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20 August 2020 - Reading time: 5 minutes

How to set up an effective Netlinking strategy?

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What is the Netlinking?

In the digital age, the creation of quality web content is essential to maintain an efficient and sustainable e-reputation. Netlinking is one of the three major factors that determine the positioning of your website. This SEO technique aims to reinforce the natural referencing of a site.  It consists of creating hypertext links on search engines, with the aim of obtaining links that point to your website (inbound backlinks). For optimal performance, the net linking strategy must have a long-term vision.

Google determines the relevance and quality of a website according to the number of external links that redirect Internet users to it. For a net linking campaign to be effective, it is essential to take into account the following elements:

  1. The content

    The content of your website must be original and relevant in order to obtain spontaneous backlinks that will attract Internet users. Links can also be made naturally thanks to the quality of the contents. Our SEO consultants will be glad to assist you in this process by creating original, natural, relevant and above all quality content.
  2. Hypertext links

    It is essential to give priority to the quality of hypertext over quantity in order to promote Google referencing. This gives Internet users additional opportunities to visit the site in question in order to consult reliable and complete content.
  3. Natural links

    Indeed, we must think about favoring organic rather than artificial links. They will thus be naturally present in search engine results.
  4. Anchors

    Anchors: texts illustrating a hypertext link and therefore the keywords must be diverse. Thanks to this diversity, you will get a better referencing of your website pages on what really interests you.

What is a good link for SEO?

When setting up a backlink, it is important to think about the long term. Backlinks are only counted if the web page making the link is indexed. By “indexed”, we mean a link that exists in the eyes of the search engine. Indeed, if a page is not indexed, your  SEO benefits will be zero. Also, it is more interesting if the backlink is indexed in Google’s primary index (in other words, the directory of good quality pages).

To check if a page is indexed, you simply enter “site:yourdomain.com/lapage” in the search bar.


Do you want to position yourself on a keyword?

In this case, it is interesting to simply make an extraction of the first 100 results and try to place the maximum number of backlinks on the pages already positioned on the chosen keyword. If the page in question is positioned on several dozen or even hundreds of keywords in your theme, it is because it meets Google criteria. Your link will thus have much more power and your ranking will increase considerably.

SEO techniques and acquisition of backlinks?

It is strongly discouraged to use certain techniques for acquiring links called Black Hat. These techniques are generally identified by the use of spam and scraping methods (technique of extracting content from one or more websites in a fully automatic way) to obtain backlinks.

Even if these SEO techniques work, in addition to being penalized by Google, you will get poor quality backlinks. By opting for these techniques, you will increase your chances of downgrading your site and you will lose all its traffic.

You will have understood it, it is thus wise, to preserve the health of your website but also to improve its ranking in search results, to avoid the use of Black Hat techniques.

Indeed, Black Hat techniques include high risks of penalties by Google. It is therefore strongly discouraged to use these fraudulent methods (placing links in Wikipedia pages, buying and selling links, spamming directories and comments etc.). Likewise, it would be better to forget the so-called Grey Hat techniques, which are defined as all risky net linking practices and which are in a blurred area regarding Google’s instructions. 

  1. A high trust flow

    The trust flow is a trust index representing the number of links pointing to your site. The higher this index is, the more effective your netlinking strategy is.
  2. Topical trust flow

    It adds a thematic notion to the ordinary trust flow and increases the trust that Google can bring to the site in question in this thematic.
  3. Semantic proximity

    It is important to take into account the semantic proximity in the creation of backlinks because it determines the quality of the link and thus increases traffic. Using sites from the same sector, with the same theme will allow you to establish good relationships particularly as for Google it is more natural that a site makes a link to a site that deals with the same theme.

What is the best net linking strategy?

Given Google’s adoration for organic, it is important to bet on a White Hat or natural net linking strategy. You must absolutely avoid artificial links, the purchase of backlinks and all risky SEO techniques (Black or Grey Hat). To get back in the natural results or even reach the first position, just follow Google’s guidelines.

First it is important to clearly define your content marketing strategy to produce the best content and encourage webmasters to create backlinks that point to this content. This is the most natural net linking technique in the eyes of Google and therefore one of the most effective. The creation of computer graphics has also proved to be particularly relevant for the acquisition of these natural links.

You can also create a list of bloggers and influencers related to your field of activity in order to contact them and ask them to point a backlink to your website.

Indeed, establishing collaborative relationships with influencers in your niche is extremely important and simply offers the opportunity to “guest blogging”. This approach consists in writing articles to be published on an influencer’s blog and containing backlinks to your website.

Finally, in order to meet the requirements of Google, which loves organic and prefers natural links, it is also important to vary the link anchors as much as possible in order to achieve a varied backlink profile.



Which tools to evaluate your net linking strategy?

To succeed in your net linking campaigns, it is necessary to arm yourself with the right reflexes but also with the right tools. These tools allow you to evaluate the quality of the referring sites. Semrush can help you in the analysis of your results. This software has developed a well-thought-out tool for backlink analysis. This tool allows you to evaluate the quality of a website based on the Authority Score.

The Authority Score is a new tool proposed by Semrush to exploit data on the referring domains, links (dofollow and nofollow), traffic and organic search to assign an overall score from 0 to 100. This tool is ideal to evaluate the quality of incoming backlinks.

Why choosing a net linking strategy to boost your SEO?

On the whole, relying on an effective net linking strategy allows you to build a solid reputation on the web. It improves your natural referencing and enhances a quality traffic, conducive to conversions.

Our SEO experts will be happy to accompany you in your strategic approach of net linking. So, don’t hesitate to contact our communication and marketing agency if you wish to set up an ambitious SEO strategy for your company.

Do not hesitate to contact us to learn more about Netlinking. Our specialized team of SEO experts and Google referrers will be happy to help you.