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As a community management agency, we are convinced of the importance for most companies to have a presence on social networks. Social media has become a must for brands and businesses, as it is often the first contact customers will have with your brand. It is therefore crucial to make a good first impression, as this will result in more views, interactions with your audience and successful sales for your brand. However, managing your presence on social networks can be time consuming for companies, which is why we offer our services to help you effectively manage your presence on various social networks and thus improve your brand image and awareness among your target audience.

What is community management?

Community management is a communication strategy that aims to develop and maintain an online community around a company or organization. It is about strengthening the presence of this company on the web by creating stronger links with its users/customers through an effective content strategy and active management of social networks.

The community manager is the person in charge of creating and leading communities on a company’s social networks. With digitalization, his or her missions have evolved over the years and the community manager is now a key position in his or her own right in companies. The main tasks of a community manager include:


  • Provide competitive intelligence on social networks to stay current on trends and best practices

  • Defining a multi-channel communication strategy to effectively reach the target community.

  • Monitor and analyze the results of communication actions to evaluate their impact and improve them.

  • Create and publish attractive, differentiating and unifying content for the community.

  • Moderate/federate social networks to ensure a healthy and respectful environment for the community.

  • Animate the community by answering questions, organizing events or creating surveys to find out the expectations and needs of the community.

  • Manage relationships with influencers to build company awareness.

  • Manage relationships with photographers and videographers when your strategy requires multimedia content production. We have our own production studio Lakeprod.

Community management is therefore a real opportunity for companies that want to stand out on social networks and fidelize their community by creating a relationship of trust with them.

Community management agency: maximize your ROI by outsourcing your social network management

The benefits of outsourcing the management of your social media presence

Externalizing the management of your social media presence or getting support from a community management agency, has many benefits for your business. Here are some examples:

  • Save time. Creating quality content, moderating, animating your community and monitoring the competition are time-consuming tasks. By outsourcing these tasks, you’ll be able to focus on the operational aspects of your business while enjoying an active and effective presence on social media.

  • Benefit from community management expertise. Our agency’s community managers have extensive expertise in community management on social networks. They know the best practices, trends and tools to use to achieve your goals.

  • Improve your e-reputation and brand awareness. By entrusting the management of your presence on social networks to a community management agency, you benefit from an optimal communication strategy that will help improve your e-reputation and your reputation.

  • Getting measurable results. Our community management agency uses measurement tools to track the results of our actions and continuously optimize them. This way you can measure the impact of our strategy on your awareness, traffic, engagement rate and sales.

  • Optimize your budget. Outsourcing the management of your social media presence to a community management agency allows you to benefit from expertise at a lower cost. In fact, it is often more advantageous to use an agency rather than hire an in-house employee to manage your social networks.

With the development of our subsidiary Influenceurs.ch, which is an influencer marketing agency; our marketing team has developed real know-how in terms of creating

content, moderating, animating communities, monitoring the competition, and managing relationships with influencers Our expertise in community management, our creativity and our knowledge of the various social networks allow us to set up a strategy which adapts to your sector of activity and your target to maximize your ROI. By choosing to work with our global marketing agency; you will benefit from a comprehensive digital strategy that will help improve your e-reputation, brand awareness, as well as your SEO, resulting in increased qualified traffic and conversion rate.

Community management agency, trust Habefast

Habefast, our communication agency stands out for its creativity, expertise and knowledge of different social networks. Our team is mainly composed of experienced professionals in community management, digital marketing and webmarketing.

We have the skills to implement a strategy that fits your target and your goals to maximize your ROI. In addition to the management of social networks, we are to offer you a 360° support, managing also Google Ads, Facebook Ads and Instagram campaigns. Paid search is a complementary acquisition lever to the management of social networks that will have a real impact on your results.

By working closely with clients of all sizes and industries for over 10 years, we have learned to implement omnichannel strategies tailored to each client’s project. As a result, we now use the most relevant tools to maximize your results, such as Facebook Ads campaigns, SEO strategies to improve your website’s search engine ranking, and email campaigns to generate conversions.

Finally, we are able to offer real expertise in social media moderation to ensure a healthy and respectful environment for your community. Through the development of our subsidiary Influenceurs.ch, we are able to manage relationships with influencers to strengthen your brand awareness.

By trusting our community management agency, you will benefit from a customized communication strategy to maximize your presence on social networks, increase your notoriety and build your community loyalty. You will also have

access to a follow-up allowing you to measure our actions in terms of community management, as well as to measure the effectiveness of referencing campaigns. Feel free to contact us to discuss your project and see how we can help you achieve your goals.