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Employee engagement should be seen as a crucial indicator for managers. And even more in the service, production and craft sectors where the entire business model relies on the performance of employees to deliver the customer experience.

There’s no doubt about it: employees who are happy in their work are more productive and perform better. In addition, they will be true ambassadors and will positively influence the public’s perception of the brand, exceeding your customers’ expectations, while contributing to the overall brand awareness and showing that you are an employer of choice; that is when employees and talent will choose to work for your company over other organisations. And more, your employees will be the first to recommend it to a friend looking for a job!

Employee engagement is therefore key to a company’s lasting success as they are at the heart of the customer experience. In other words, the satisfaction of your employees contributes to the satisfaction of your customers, your future customers and also to the desire of talents to apply for your company.

Employee Branding, Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition

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    Employee Branding

    Employee branding is a marketing strategy that uses a company’s employees as ambassadors to positively influence the public perception of the brand. It requires employees to be aligned with the company’s brand promise, values and objectives and to communicate consistently and authentically to reinforce the brand’s reputation.

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    Employer Branding

    Employer branding is the application of branding principles to human resource management. Employer branding aims to build an image in the minds of potential employees that the company is a good place to work. Employer branding therefore focuses on the image a company projects as an employer, what it means to its employees, and how it can attract and retain the best talent.

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    Employee Value Proposition

    The Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the value proposition of the employer that describes the experience an employee can expect when joining a company. This can include benefits, career opportunities, training programmes, company culture, management style and company values. The EVP aims to help companies attract, engage and retain talent by providing a positive work experience aligned with their expectations. It is important that the EVP is clearly defined and communicated to potential candidates to help differentiate the company as an employer of choice.

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Employee Branding, Employer Branding and Employee Value Proposition, complementary concepts to create a strong brand

  • The importance of employer branding for a company in the current context

    The employer brand is the reputation and perception of your company by the labour market. It is what builds your image and identity it as an employer. Having a strong employer image will help you attract and recruit the best talent.

    Our communications agency has developed a dedicated HR marketing strategy to address the difficulties companies face in recruiting qualified talent due to the shortage of skills in certain sectors and the high demand for them in the market. This talent shortage is due to a number of factors: the rapid acceleration of technological innovation, the high demand for these skills and the lack of interest in certain professions. We help companies meet this challenge by using our expertise in recruitment strategy and employer brand building.

    We have developed digital tools that allow us to better understand your industry’s recruitment challenges and help you achieve your HR objectives.

  • Our employer branding offer

    We help you consolidate your employer image strategy to meet this challenge, taking into account the specificities of your sector and its recruitment issues.

    Here are some examples of actions we can implement for your company:

    • Assistance in drafting attractive and innovative job descriptions, adapted for the various platforms (JobTeaser, LinkedIn, etc.)
    • Creation of a “Careers” and “Values” web page for your company website
    • Strengthening your employer image on social networks (LinkedIn, Instagram) with the implementation of lead generation campaigns, the creation of advertising spots, testimonial videos, and visual aids
    • Development of your communication materials to be impactful when a potential candidate is in contact with your company

In parallel, we have developed a digital tool to accelerate the recruitment process. In less than 72 hours, this solution allows us to create a pool of talent with a real interest to your company. We then select those who most closely match the profile of the job description. This way, all you have to do is interview these talents and select the ones you think have the most potential.

Get a quote in less than 48 hours for your employer brand audit and the implementation of a strategy in line with your recruitment objectives

Employee Branding is complementary to your employer branding strategy

Employee branding is in fact complementary to employer branding as this HR principle focuses on how employees perceive their company.

Implementing an employee branding strategy will strengthen the commitment of employees to the company by offering them a sense of pride and belonging. This approach can have a double positive effect: on the one hand, it improves employee motivation and productivity while promoting employee loyalty; on the other hand, it helps to convey a positive employer image that will attract potential talent and customers.

Brand loyalty as a marketing and HR concept

Brand loyalty is a marketing concept that reflects how a consumer identifies with a brand and is willing to be loyal to it.

A loyal consumer will, for example, tend to buy a brand’s products regularly rather than others, and will also be a true ambassador for the brand by recommending it to friends and family. However, brand loyalty is also an important concept for human resources, as loyal employees are a source of sustainable growth for a company.

Therefore, brand loyalty is an antecedent of employee branding, which describes the brand image of a company as perceived by its employees. If employees are loyal to the company’s brand, this will foster a strong commitment to the company. In addition, it will reinforce the company’s culture, improve employee retention and stimulate long-term company growth.

Employee Value Proposition, a key source for increasing employee loyalty

Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is the promise you as an employer make to your employees in exchange for their commitment.

It is the sum of all the benefits and rewards employees receive from the organisation they work for.

Having a strong EVP will help you retain top talent, improving employee satisfaction and therefore retention.

As a consulting and communication agency with a dedicated HR marketing division, we support you in developing your EVP for competitiveness and productivity. We build a value proposition according to what your company is looking for and what your current employees and talents expect.

Therefore, together we develop your employer promise with a real strategy that will take into consideration key factors such as financial benefitsemployment benefitscareer developmentwork environment and company culture.

By developing an effective Employee Branding strategy based on your EVP, we will help you retain your trainees, apprentices and employees. This will help you stand out from the competition and become an employer of choice.

Establishing a strong Employee Brand through effective Employer Brand and Employee Branding strategy

  1. Employer Strategy and Employee Branding, important elements for building a strong Employee Brand

    In today’s competitive job market, the emphasis on employee branding and employer strategy cannot be overstated. Both elements go hand in hand and are vital to create a strong employee brand. Indeed, a positive employer brand not only attracts more job seekers, but it also strengthens your brand perception among your existing employees.

  2. Developing an Effective Employee Branding Program

    A crucial part of this strategy is the implementation of an effective employee branding program. Such a program needs to be designed in a way that makes employees feel valued and engaged. This, in turn, would result in a surge in employee referrals – a clear indicator of a great employee brand.

  3. Role of employee feedback in Employee Branding efforts

    Employee branding is important not only for attracting potential employees but also for retaining your current ones. The feedback from your employees serves as a powerful tool for understanding their needs and expectations. Taking into consideration this employee feedback, you will be able to focus your employee branding efforts to ensure that your company stands out as an employer of choice.

  4. Impact of positive Employee Brand on existing employees and job seekers

    Establishing a positive employee brand goes beyond mere hiring benefits. It is about creating a work environment that nurtures growth, encourages open communication, and acknowledges the contributions of its employees. This positive image is not only projected to potential job seekers but is also absorbed by your existing employees, enhancing their job satisfaction and loyalty.

  5. Link between Employee Branding and Employer's Brand

    The efforts made in employee branding are mirrored in the employer’s brand. It helps in enhancing the overall brand image and instilling a sense of trust and reliability among your employees and potential recruits. Hence, employee branding and a strong employer brand complement each other, together contributing to a stronger organizational identity.

  6. Maintaining a strong Employee Brand: a continuous journey

    Maintaining a strong employee brand involves consistent efforts to reinforce the employer’s brand, constantly collecting and analyzing employee feedback, and adjusting your employee branding program accordingly. But the results, in terms of attracting and retaining top talents, are undoubtedly worth it.

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It is important for companies to recognise that employee engagement is a key element of their long-term success, as they are at the heart of the customer experience. Satisfied and engaged employees are more productive, positively influence public perception of the brand and attract talent. Employee branding is one of the key marketing and HR concepts that help create a strong employer brand. In the current context where the shortage of talent is a real challenge, it is crucial for companies to have a strong employer image to attract and recruit the best talent.

Our communications agency offers a tailored HR marketing strategy for any company that wishes to meet this challenge. We then use our expertise in recruitment strategy, employer brand building and our process acceleration tool to meet your recruitment needs.

On the other hand, in order to remain competitive, companies need to retain their talent. That’s why we act as consultants to help you establish an employee value proposition that is true to the employer image you want to project to your candidates. We are here to guide you through this process and help you implement an effective talent management strategy.