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Employer brand, definition

Employer brand is the image that future candidates and current employees have of your company. It aims to establish a positive image of your company as an employer, to attract and retain the best candidates.

This principle of brand management, applied to human resources, first appeared in the 1990s, and has since developed considerably to enable companies to attract the best candidate profiles and deal with the talent crisis.

Employer branding is becoming increasingly important in the job search process, especially as Gen Z enters the labour market, which presents a new challenge with more demanding candidates.

Employer branding: why develop it?

In the age of social networking, the new generation is paying more and more attention to the image of the company on the Internet through the comments and reviews they leave. They are also interested in what future employers can offer them in terms of career development, a sense of achievement or training. They are looking for authenticity and responsiveness. Thus, human resources are now involved in communication to develop brand awareness.

This is why the employer brand is the determining factor in the search for a job. It includes reviews of your company and its position in the top employer rankings.

For companies looking for talent in a sector where the supply of jobs exceeds the demand, employer branding must be at the heart of the recruitment/HR strategy. Therefore, it is very important to create a strong brand image. This is a new way of recruiting, especially when you are faced with a talent shortage.

Examples of employer branding strategies

Some companies manage to implement innovative strategies to develop their employer brand, such as Louis Vuitton. The company has created a podcast on which episodes are broadcast in both French and English to highlight Louis Vuitton employees and their and their career paths within the famous house. This gives an overview of the possible careers within the group, the different professions and a closer look behind the scenes of the brand.

A second example is the audit firm Mazars, which has used new technologies to attract the best profiles. To do this, they have developed their Youtube channel on which they publish innovative content such as the web series “Vie de Mazars” where employees make fun of what happens at Mazars or with the use of virtual reality helmets to allow candidates to experience their first day of work in the company.