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2 May 2017 - Reading time: 4 minutes

How to set up an SEO strategy?

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The term SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization”, which is called “Search Engine Optimization”. SEO is a process of increasing the visibility of your website on search engines.

80% of the clicks on a search page are on the first 3 links and 62% of users stop at the first page of results. It is fundamental to optimize its SEO in order to obtain a good positioning on search engine results and hope to generate organic traffic.

We give you some important information to know in order to launch your SEO strategy.

Identifying your targets for your SEO strategy

An SEO strategy is based on the study of a target audience. You should ask yourself the following questions: who will be looking for your website? How will they direct and qualify their research?

The Google AdWords keyword planning tool allows you to display search volume data on specific keywords and for specific geographical areas. It will show you search trends in relation to your products. It will then be your job to try to place each keyword on your website, while remaining consistent and relevant. This exercise should be repeated regularly with new keywords; this is called optimization.

Thanks to this tool, you will get predictions on keyword ideas to appear on your websites to optimize your natural referencing. Your keywords must obviously represent what you offer on your page.

Optimize your SEO content

  • Focus on your customers’ expectations: it is important to find in the content of your pages, the most appropriate answer to each of the questions asked by the user.
  • Offer quality content: if it is true that the presence of keywords is important to optimize your SEO, it should not be abused. Prefer the use of various synonyms, similar terms and anything that can be close to your keywords. Google detects repetitive content, which can negatively impact your ranking and generate penalties.
  • Offer unique content: as we already mentioned in our previous article, the Google SEO algorithm takes into account the relevance of your content. So write content that is specific to you and adapted to each of your pages. Do not hesitate to put links between your different pages and links from your social networks to your site, this is called internal networking. This is a good way to reference your site. If you put links, do not forget to make external links so that the user does not leave your page.

Optimize the overall performance of your website and improve your SEO

Many technical points are taken into account for your positioning in search engines.

  • URLs are important: if the keywords of your page are present in the URL of your website, it will promote the referencing of your page.
  • Make sure your pages have titles: each of your pages must contain <title> tags. From H1 to H6, these tags serve as a description of the page. In this way, you bring a notion of value to each of your titles. A title with an H1 tag gives information on the general subject of your page, the H6 title allows a very detailed description of the subject covered in your page. So have a good semantics to be visible more easily
  • The loading speed of your pages: Google has also officialized on its blog the importance of the performance of websites. If your site has a too long loading time, it will impact the user’s behavior: he will stay less time on your site, visit fewer pages … You will then have a penalty because Google will define that your site is not relevant.

If you want to improve the visibility of your website, you just have to apply these tips. You can also call on an SEO expert to go further, especially if you want to use paid search engine optimization. Your web pages will be even better referenced and your site will appear better in the results pages.

Measure the results to analyze your SEO efficiency

Once your actions are implemented, it is important to verify their effectiveness with performance analysis tools. There are a multitude of powerful tools to analyze and improve the SEO of your website.

Some tools also allow you to check the quality of the links that talk about you, tools that are not negligible when we know that search engines evaluate your popularity based on what other sites think and say about you.

You will understand that to optimize your SEO, it is important to do regular background work on your content and implement continuous corrective actions.

If you would like to know more about how we can help you develop or implement your SEO strategy, please contact our SEO agency.