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14 June 2018 - Reading time: 4 minutes

10 reasons to use a touch table

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You’ve already heard about the touch table phenomenon but you’re still wondering why? Find in this top 10 all the answers to your questions.

1. Simplify your customers' search for information

Many customers turn away from a physical point of sale where there are too many people or do not dare to ask questions to employees already solicited by other customers. With a touch table, messages are simple to convey and allow multiple uses. Indeed, because of the size of their screen, they catch the eye of your customers and allow for a digital experience out of the ordinary. On these interactive kiosks in full HD, digital signage allows you to give information with fun features and original visualization. A simple menu will guide them in a few clicks to the desired content. The customer then accesses in complete autonomy to what he wants thanks to these new communication media.

2. Adopt a modern corporate image

Touch tables evoke a modern company that adapts to the demands of its customers as well as to technological innovations, so they have an impact on your brand image. In the collective imagination, a large touch table, especially outdoors, represents digital tools. Having this innovative image in the consumers’ imagination is only beneficial: an innovative company is a dynamic, trendy company, able to gain the trust of its consumers

3. Responding to consumers' demands in the search for information

The touch panel are interfaces assimilated in the imagination of consumers, from their previous customer experiences. They know how to use them and have integrated the process of searching for information. Many even prefer to search for information on interactive tables rather than ask a consultant.

4. Changing advertising campaigns without changing the medium

The touch tablet is an evolutionary tool: you can insert video, sales platforms, a photo slide show, an interactive game… You can change its content according to your desires and your advertising campaigns. Not having to change media for each campaign is a real saving on your communication budget.

5. Have an attractive communication

Video is more eye-catching than a photo, so the consumer will be more attracted to your content if you use a touch table than if you use a poster for example. The size of the screens on our tables makes them visible from a distance. Outdoors, the brightness provided by the screen is much more eye-catching than anything else. The digital table is an extremely eye-catching communication tool. Customers will therefore be more likely to go looking for the information you offer.

6. To be able to communicate with impact even outdoors

Communicating outdoors is not easy. Advertising billboards, which are too numerous in the visual field of passers-by, no longer catch the eye. The problem is different for informative communication, where the information points are often not optimal: as all the information is gathered on a single page, it is difficult for the interested party to find the element he is looking for. Tactile tables do not have any of these drawbacks: they are bright and have an impact, even outdoors, and with their interactive menus, they make it easier to find information.

7. Support your sales force

Tactile tables are often used as sales aids. They support your sales force. For example, the sales representative can illustrate his or her message by showing the product in question and its characteristics. They can also carry out part of the purchasing process, orders on touch tables are often present in fast-food restaurants for example. This support for the sales force is useful in all sectors from luxury goods to supermarkets, hotels and restaurants.

8. Create innovative content whatever your sector of activity

The possibilities of creation are numerous with tactile tables. You can create advertising clips, interactive games or other more creative content. You are free to invent an interactive map showing your customers’ itinerary, a virtual consultant… Anything goes, leave room for your creativity!

9. Improve your customer area

The decoration of a customer area follows the trend and must evolve with it. If you want to create a modern, innovative space that reflects your brand image, use a touch table. As you can change its content according to your desires, you can therefore change the atmosphere of your room. Moreover, the tool itself is innovative and trendy: with its ergonomic design, the touch table is a real design and interactive accessory. On the floor or to be hung on the wall, they have aesthetic characteristics and are a decorative accessory in their own right.

10. Adapt your communication to your different targets

Your message can finally be adapted to your target. The most interesting would be to use several tactile tables, one dedicated to each target. A children’s table and an adult table for example, with a different size and design, which attracts one target in particular rather than another.

The tactile table is a good way to communicate with children at a point of sale, which is not easy without using text in classic communication.

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