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14 December 2017 - Reading time: 2 minutes

The Mobile First Trend

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Do you know the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend? Bringing your own equipment to work: your laptop and your phone in particular. This desire to have transportable and practical equipment is also found in the Mobile first wave.

The mobile, is more and more used

The mobile, is more and more used. Whether it is for searching for information, making purchases or payments, mobiles are more and more favored by Internet users. In the current context, the younger generations particularly appreciate instantaneity and interactivity. Companies must therefore take up the challenge of having a responsive website adapted to mobile and tablet displays.

The Mobile First is creating a new way of conceiving digital projects. Usually, websites are designed before mobile sites, since they are based on web design. But this new trend is leading to a reversal of this modus operandi by designing the mobile display before the computer display. The design of the desktop site is done according to the site created for mobile. The Instagram application remains the best example: it was initially designed only for mobile phones, and only then was the website launched.

Designing a company’s website from a mobile phone changes the basic thinking: the main thing now is to offer a fast, instinctive and quick site, whereas computer display will tend to rely on a well-thought-out design, especially with photos and videos.

Its advantages and disadvantages

It is true that sites and advertisements broadcast on mobile phones allow maximum visibility and complement the website. Moreover, mobiles are also a way to buy products/services in a fast and convenient way. Indeed, a study shows that around 80% of Swiss people have a mobile phone, and almost 1 Swiss out of 2 makes purchases on the Internet.

Having a mobile-optimized website from its conception allows to avoid some display defects, especially since an e-commerce website has more functionalities than a classic website. Internet users value an access to the products and a fast page loading time. Indeed, the user experience is facilitated.

This approach tends to develop and is to be considered if your target uses his mobile more than the computer to buy your products or services.
Nevertheless, it remains more expensive to design because it requires more time and functionality.

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