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6 February 2023 - 3min


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Who can create a website ?

In practice, anyone can create a website. Indeed, there are many online tools to create your own website free of charge, provided you have some basic knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript, or agree to conform to an existing theme.

  1. What is HTML?

    It is the computer language used to create web pages.

  2. What is CSS?

    CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. It’s a computer language that allows you to format web pages either aesthetically or structurally.

  3. What is Javascript?

    It is a computer programming language to create dynamic content, animate images, improve the ergonomics of a site.

However, creating a responsive, attractive website that works perfectly well while being well optimised in SEO for optimised visibility on Google, is a difficult and complex job. A professional will therefore be much more likely to create your website if you want it to have visibility and give a good image of your brand.

You can go through a freelance webmaster, i.e. a qualified IT professional who is self-employed and can create a website for you. Alternatively, you can work with a web agency whose developers, graphic designers, web designers and SEO specialists can work together to deliver a complete and successful website.

The advantage of using a professional to create your website is that you are assured of quality. Even if this service has a cost, the website is so essential for the image of a company that it is an unavoidable investment if you do not have professionals in your team.

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A web agency for your website

A web agency offers a wide range of possibilities for the creation of your website. You can contact them with your project and objectives, and you will get advice on the creation of your website. Together you can work out a structure, and they will offer you a template of what can be done.

The web agency will be able to design a website to promote your name and image, but it also has the advantage of being able to manage it. Content management is indeed one of its prerogatives. She can therefore provide you with technical support and all the tools you need to manage your site. For example, she can create webdesigns, a logo, create and manage a chatbot, etc. Its objective will therefore be to develop your visibility by highlighting your visual identity on each page of your site through attractive and responsive content.

Entrusting your web project to an agency also allows you to have a follow-up and analyses on your visibility because they use interesting research tools. You will then be able to improve your website and its position on the search engine. Indeed, for everything related to SEO, an agency with a dedicated SEO department will be able to assist you and accompany you in the implementation of a strategy to develop your traffic. This will allow you to appear higher in Google search results.

In addition, working with a web agency will save you a lot of time as they are specialists in technical, graphic, SEO and design skills.

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The importance of user experience for your website

Design is an essential element for a website as it must make the user want to discover the site. The design also indicates the quality of a website and therefore of its company. To give an image of quality, seriousness and trust, it is necessary to have a design that goes in the direction of the product or service that is being offered. Thus, if the design is pleasant, and the web pages are structured, clear and responsive, the user will be tempted to go and discover the different pages, the about, the services, etc.

Furthermore, it is imperative for a website to be responsive because if when a user clicks on a link, the page is not optimised for mobile or takes a long time to load, then the user leaves. Similarly, when the user wants to use their mobile to view the website, if the format is not adapted and the loading time is long, the user will immediately leave the page. It is therefore essential that your website has a good design and is responsive to have a better chance of reaching potential customers. You have to keep in mind that the website is in fact a web showcase. It is therefore important that the customer has a good experience when visiting your page.

The website: the showcase of your company

Creating a website means creating a showcase in which you display your expertise, your values, your products or your services. The page must therefore reflect your company’s visual identity in order to be recognisable, attractive and give the feeling that you are unique. Having a website is more than necessary today because it is one of the first reflexes of a potential customer to go and look at the website of a company they have heard of or whose products or services they are looking for.
Thus, having a website means being visible on a space where the number of prospects is infinite. From the top of your site to the footer, you must keep in mind that the user is positively marked by you. You can then feature your logo, your story in an about section, you can offer free informative content like blogs. It is simply imperative to have a website.

How Habefast helps you create and manage your website

Our communication agency offers you its services for the creation of your website, the graphics, as well as the design. Our developers work hand in hand with our graphic and web designers to offer you an attractive and unique platform. We will take into account your objectives, your suggestions and we will take care to emphasize your visual identity. In addition, we are also specialized in SEO which will allow us to implement the best practices to help you be visible in the search engine results.

Our advisors and experts in web design and website creation will help you to realize your web projects. Ask for a quote.


You want to create a professional website? Do you want to improve your website? You want to increase the visibility of your company? Our web and design agency offers you a complete strategic support in this achievement.

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