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23 August 2022 - Reading time : 4 minutes

Google Ads: How to increase your visibility

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What is Google Ads?

  • Google Ads is the advertising network of Google. This platform was created in the 2000s and allows companies to buy advertisements to promote themselves, a product or a site.
  • When you use the Google search engine, you get two types of results. There are the natural results of the search engine where the top of the rankings are the most effective in terms of SEO or natural referencing. Then there are the so-called Google Ads results which are sponsored links. Thus, advertisers pay Google which sells advertising space in the form of clicks following qualifying requests from Internet users for the client company.
  • It is therefore a very useful tool to create campaigns with a controlled budget since it is possible to manage the desired budget. Moreover, Google ads allows you to display ads on Google search pages, Youtube, Google Maps, Gmail, Google partners (Free, Amazon, etc.), on the Display network and smartphone apps. The visibility that your site can acquire is therefore very important.

How does Google Ads work?

Why using Google Ads to promote your company

It is an easy and inexpensive way to reach your objectives and attract new customers.
The advertiser can also manage his costs, which is a considerable advantage. To maximize his views and clicks, he can choose the right moment to increase his bids. For a question of cost management, this allows a simplification of the means of exceptional diffusion. The company at the origin of the advertisement has the hand put on it in the sense that he can modify it as he wants. This allows him to improve his page if the keywords are not sufficient, and to modify it regularly to study the format that works best.
The number of distribution platforms allows an excellent visibility, which allows the advertiser to target relevant customers while aiming at a larger audience. Thus, the performance of the campaigns is multiplied and it is therefore very strategic to use Google Ads to broadcast its ads.

How to deal with Google Ads?

Here is a list that will allow you to manage your ads perfectly:

  • Choose your keywords well: the keywords must be related to the theme of the ad and must be precise.
  • Do not put too many keywords: using too many keywords may prevent users from reaching your landing page.
  • Remember to choose the right expressions: this will allow you to target your audience.
  • Optimize the keywords: the keywords must be present in your titles, in your paragraphs, and this will allow you to make your ad consistent.
  • Exclude words or expressions: it is absolutely necessary to exclude words or expressions so that the potential customer reaches the page he wants to reach, otherwise it will create his disinterest.

What mistakes to avoid on Google Ads

You have to be careful:

  • False clicks: When a user clicks on the page but immediately exits, this
    When a user clicks on the page but immediately exits, this can not be considered as a visit but as an error. It is then necessary to review the words to exclude and the relevance of the page.
  • Do not use keywords that are too broad: you risk losing your audience.
  • The fact of betting a lot on bids does not guarantee you the first place on the Google search page.

Betting a lot on bids does not guarantee you the first place on the Google search page: your ad must be optimized and coherent.

Some advice for Google Ads?

Our advice to optimize your Google Ads:

  • Be original while respecting the rules: find a catchy text, formulations that make you want to click, while respecting the rules of optimization and consistency.
  • Test your ads continuously: follow your results on Google Ads and do not hesitate to test different configurations to see which one allows you to optimize the best, and to finish in the first search results.
    By following our advice, you will surely be in the top results of Google Ads, and you will be able to offer a consistent campaign to users. At Habefast, we are here to advise and support you in your communication efforts.