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16 May 2017 - Reading time: 3 minutes

How to modernize the ultimate stage of recruitment?

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How to modernize the ultimate stage of recruitment > The arrival of generation Y in the world of work, hyper connectivity, the ultra-presence of social networks in the daily lives of Internet users, the growing number of increasingly qualified candidates, are pushing companies to modify their recruitment methods.

Faced with these numerous candidates, companies must innovate and modernize their recruitment methods. New forms of recruitment, to give a chance to all candidates, to attract the best candidates, to maintain its employer brand … Here are the new trends in recruitment.

Social networks

In Switzerland, the number of users of social networks has only increased in recent years. Internet users aged between 14 and 35 now represent 90% of social media users. Companies are therefore taking advantage of this means of distribution to communicate their job offers.

Snapchat has found a creative way to recruit using ephemeral messages. The latter is distributed over a geographical area that includes all the companies in Silicon Valley to try to hire the developers of its competitors (Facebook, Uber, Twitter …).


Humor to attract talent

Recruitment today involves humorous and offbeat campaigns that go beyond the boundaries of traditional recruitment ads.

For example, the Swiss company Supreme Security, a security specialist, has decided to place its job ad on the X-ray with the aim of recruiting X-ray experts.

In Switzerland, the management consulting agency McKinsey & Company, has set up an original method for recruiting future graduates from Swiss universities. It has launched a recruitment campaign with a pencil and paper, which reads “We’re looking for students who aren’t satisfied with any solution. www.mckinsey.ch”. This has led to an increase in the number of visits to its website, but more importantly, to the receipt of applications that are better suited to the positions to be filled.

The Michel and Augustin company also used an atypical method. The human resources manager went to the Paris metro to ask passengers if they were looking for a job. It was an original and offbeat recruitment campaign that left a lasting impression.



Business Game

” You can find out more about someone in an hour of gaming than in a year of conversation” – Plato.

The gaming makes the recruitment experience dynamic and reveals certain facets of the candidates. The goal is to immerse them in the world of the company and the missions of the position, allowing you to use new recruitment methods and evaluate candidates through case studies and role-playing.

This strategy also reduces the risk of recruitment errors, which is beneficial for both your company and your candidate.

Since 2007, BNP Paribas Bank has been organizing the “Ace Manager “, an online recruitment competition for students, on an international level. The aim is to strengthen the company’s reputation and become a preferred brand for students. Marketing, Business, Finance and Management etc.

New recruitment platforms

If you wish to set up recruitment campaigns in the form of gamification, some platforms will be able to help you.

Coxibiz offers you a recruitment solution allowing you to evaluate the candidates on their skills through simulations.

Welcome to the Jungle is a recruitment platform, which allows candidates to find a set of information about your company before applying: business sector, company size, location, employees, interviews of the different jobs in your company, current job offers … A way for candidates to immerse themselves in your company and create a first link of proximity before the interviews.

Discover your company culture

Your employer brand will form your identity with your employees and future employees. The company is no longer the only communicator, it is now a real network that is built around your image and your identity: employees, candidates, customers, suppliers, acquaintances, collaborators and even total strangers, are likely to be actors in the reputation of your company.

According to a Carrier builder study, “91% of candidates believe that the employer brand plays a key role in the decision to apply” and “33% of employees would categorically refuse a position in a company with a damaged employer brand”.

It is therefore important to maintain the employer brand to make your company attractive to both candidates and employees. The employer brand is built up gradually, and derives from all company activities and events. This is done through videos of testimonialsdedicated mini-sites to give an attractive image of your company by making your jobs and your employees known, enhancing your working environment and above all developing a sense of belonging.

With a well worked employer brand, you attract the best candidates and have an efficient recruitment base.

As a consulting agency, Habefast accompanies you from A to Z to adapt your recruitment methods to new trends.