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15 October 2019 - Reading time: 4 minutes

How to manage your e-reputation with a communication agency?

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What does e-reputation mean?

Social networks and digital tools allow information to be spread and reached much faster than before. In the digital age, data and opinions published on the web are becoming increasingly important and will therefore influence the consumer’s point of view towards a company or a person. Controlling your digital image requires reactivity, monitoring and reactions adapted to each situation.

Habefast agency supports you on a daily basis to manage your e-reputation and that of your company.

What are the players in your e-reputation?

The increase in the use of social networks and opinion sites by Internet users generates a significant flow of information about their opinions and feelings about a product, a brand or even a person. Indeed, “88% of consumers consult reviews before making a purchase” (Forbes, 20/05/2018), so it makes sense to monitor and respond to your customers’ comments to defend your company’s reputation while maintaining their satisfaction. 

On the other hand, it is important to evaluate your company’s notoriety with new talent, particularly by working on your employer brand image. More and more users are using social networks such as LinkedIn or dedicated sites to share their experiences in the company, which is why your corporate culture must correspond to your communication strategy both internally and externally.

How to take care of your brand image?

In order to develop and maintain your brand image, our e-reputation agency accompanies you from A to Z.

Highlighting your values and matching them with your offer is essential to build an online reputation consistent with your philosophy. The goal is to reassure consumers and even create a feeling of affection towards your brand to ensure their satisfaction and loyalty over the long term. This involves several steps to follow:

  • Listening

    Listening is the key factor in building your online reputation. The feedback you receive from customers will allow you to take a step back from your products and services. Taking their requests and opinions into account and improving your strategy will create a sense of understanding and respect that can influence them to publish positive comments on the Internet, which is not negligible in a competitive context.

  • Monitoring

    By searching for your company name on search engines, you can access all the opinions about your brand, your offers and those of your competitors. Habefast agency provides you with a community manager and an e-reputation specialist dedicated to your projects who will set up a monitoring strategy whatever your sector of activity.
    This gives you an overview of your company’s image as perceived by consumers as well as its position in relation to its competitors.

  • The reaction

    Following negative comments or defamatory statements, your response and reactivity will be decisive in improving your image. However, it is important to note that both positive and negative comments increase the confidence of 68% of consumers and that negative opinions give a particularly authentic aspect to the global evaluation of a company for 7 out of 10 people. Consumers will give more importance to the quality and consistency of your response to these comments. For example, following a complaint about a product compliance issue, the responsiveness of your after-sales service and the response to the customer will show your professionalism to the general public.

  • The identification

    Your online reputation can also be spread by influencers through social media. Their strong influence and online presence can encourage their community to adhere or not to adhere to your offer. As result, you need to identify the ambassadors of your brand who can positively influence the opinions of your target.

Our service for a good long-term e-reputation

  1. Controlling your brand image

    Our e-reputation specialist dedicated to your company will be at your disposal to set up a monitoring strategy. He will make sure that your brand image is consistent with your desired image on the web.

  2. Manage your employer brand

    We help you set up a communication strategy consistent with your company’s philosophy in order to attract new talent and satisfy the members of your teams. The goal is to ensure that your employer brand is consistent with your values and that it is communicated in the same way on the Internet.

  3. Monitoring your online presence

    Your online presence is essential to spread your ideas and philosophy. On the whole digital media, our team accompanies you to extend your visibility and restore your reputation in case of crisis. Our teams work with sophisticated e-reputation tools in order to ensure you an optimal reactivity.

  4. Thinking about an action plan to improve your crisis management

    Anticipation is essential to control a possible crisis generated on the Internet. Our agency helps you to establish an action plan to contain the spread of this crisis.

  5. Setting up a referencing strategy

    Many tools exist to optimize your referencing, which is a lever for your e-reputation. Our web agency selects those that suit the best to your needs and guarantees you the highlighting of content that enhances the value of your offer. The goal: to ensure that this content appears in the first results on search engines.

Control of your e-reputation thanks to anticipation and reactivity

The e-reputation can concern a company, an offer or even a person. To ensure its control towards the multitude of data disseminated on the Internet, anticipation and reactivity will be essential. Taking care of your brand image or restoring your company’s reputation are possible provided that you apply a strategy consistent with your values and the expectations of your customers and prospects. Our web and e-reputation agency accompanies you from A to Z to master your e-reputation through your websites and social networks.

If you would like to know more about our activities, do not hesitate to contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.