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Podcasts have been on the rise in recent years, the amount of content available is growing and there are formats for all tastes. Find out what it’s all about.

Podcast: Definition

Podcasts are audio content accessible on digital platforms that are available at any time. They can be listened to and re-listened to without limits and are free. They are available for streaming or download.

Regarding the content, podcasts are often interviews, audio series or shows on different topics. Each podcast creator has his own universe and editorial line.

Podcast: Etymology

The word podcast appeared quite late, in 2004, in an article published by The Guardian. The journalist from Great Britain Ben Hammersley evokes it by making the contraction of the words Ipod and broadcast, which means “diffusion”.

At the time, the term was not widely noticed, and it was Apple that really democratized it by adding it to iTunes. At the time of the launch, the application contained only 3000 podcasts, but today there are almost a million and other streaming platforms now make podcasts available, such as Spotify.

Podcast: The different types of content

Among the most represented categories of podcasts are the radio programs that are made available in reruns through podcasts: there will be the various chronicles, morning shows or documentaries.

Then, there are of course the podcasts that are created only for broadcasting on the Internet. What is interesting with this type of podcast is the accessibility and the great freedom of the creators who are not subject to rules like radio stations.