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30 December 2022 - Reading time: 6 mins

SEO Google, what is the role of the Google referrer?

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What is SEO on Google?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the method that consists of positioning your website or your webpages as well as possible on search engines and more commonly on Google. Google has its own criteria to rank you according to the relevance of your website, and it is on these criteria that we must base ourselves to optimize the content of a web page. The better you are referenced, the more qualified traffic you will attract to your website. It is also important to identify and select the keywords that will be the most qualified for your business.

What is a Google referrer?

The Google referrer is the person or entity in charge of the referencing of a company on Google. It is also called SEO consultant. His mission is to improve the traffic and visibility of a site, which requires a certain expertise to:

  1. Copywriting

    The website must be filled with interesting content. It is therefore necessary to have a good editorial quality so that the texts are pleasant to read and make sense. It is also useful to have a good imagination to propose original and up-to-date contents. It is also necessary to be quite pragmatic since the goal of this content for a company is to interest a user to improve the CTR (click-through rate). To do this, the pages must arrive in the first results of Google and must therefore contain keywords consistent with the search of Internet users. It is therefore necessary to know how to organize your sentences to include a maximum of keywords, while creating interesting content for a better user experience, the latter being increasingly taken into account in the Google algorithm.

  2. Coding

    The HTML tags or title tags are studied by Google’s AI (artificial intelligence) to gauge the SEO of a web page. It is therefore necessary that these tags, like some other source codes, are optimized. For this, it is necessary that the Google SEO has skills in coding which will generate more traffic.

  3. Marketing

    SEO is a natural search engine optimization strategy and is a true marketing strategy. You need to study what prospects are looking for to know what kind of content will appeal to them and when, so you need to do a lot of research on your target market. This will improve the conversion rate of your website. It is the keywords that are most qualified that will ensure a good click-through rate and a lower bounce rate. SEO can also be complemented by online development campaigns, especially via Google Ads, this is called SEA. It can therefore carry out market research and financing plans for the SEO part which is paid and which can allow a company to strongly gain in visibility.

  4. Organization and follow-up

    SEO is a continuous work, it is never really finished especially since the Google algorithms that reference the sites are regularly updated to improve the user experience. For this reason, it is important for the Google SEO to regularly check which keywords are the most searched, how the algorithms have been modified to change the content. He must also check the structure of the site to see if it is optimal and if the loading time is not too long. So there is a heavy work of follow-up which requires a lot of organization and rigor.

How does SEO Google work?

Your Google ranking is totally dependent on the presence of your competitors on different criteria. If other web pages matching a user’s keyword search are ranked higher than you are, it’s because their page is better optimized and your competitor’s site is probably more important. This is called indexing, Google’s AIs study every detail of your website, from design to tags, and then it indexes the different pages according to how they meet its SEO criteria. But how does this work, and how does Google choose who gets ranked first?

Google’s algorithm is mostly based on keywords, so you have to put keywords in your title tags, publish regularly content with popular keywords, create blogs, newsletters, FAQs. Internal linking is also very important in your SEO, it allows you to optimize the navigation from page to page on your website and improve your Google SEO. Finally, we must not forget the snippets that are one of the first things that the user sees and one of the points on which you must use a maximum of keywords.

The Google algorithm also takes into account data such as the loading time of your page on the search engine, so it is necessary to have a good coding. The UX or user experience is more and more taken into account, the algorithm looks at the meaning of the content to be sure that it is value added, as well as the design of the page and its fluidity.

The algorithm also looks at the external mesh, that is to say how you are linked to external arcs like social networks. It is therefore interesting to link on your web pages your various accounts on social networks and a direct link to allow the user to access them.

Why choose a SEO agency as a Google referrer?

We have seen that the skills required for the Google SEO are quite varied, and especially that it requires constant work to position your website on search engines. Therefore, it is difficult for one or a few people to manage all the SEO of a company. An agency allows to have several competent poles for each mission. One pole will proceed to the SEO audit, another to the semantic analysis, to the content writing or to the traffic acquisition. This allows us to obtain quick results, but above all, very efficient.

Be partner by a SEO agency for your own business also allows a neutral view and a better ability to optimize your content. This will allow you to improve your user experience, your conversion rate and therefore get more leads.

How do we help you with your SEO Google at Habefast?

As experienced Google SEO, the experts of our communication agency offer you an efficient and personalized follow-up for your digital strategy. Thanks to our experience, we have acquired skills and expertise that will allow us to deliver a quality SEO audit, and optimize your web pages for a quality referencing. We will advise you on your digital strategy and accompany you every step of the way in order to improve your notoriety, your positioning and your visibility on the web.