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Strategic advisory service for a food brand

Eclair is a Swiss company specialized in the production of bakery and pastry products.
Located in Romanel-sur-Morges, this family business has continued to develop over the generations.
Today, Eclair markets various products such as cakes, flutes, bricelets and the famous Quicook cake dough, the brand’s flagship products.

Our strategy and communication consulting agency has had the pleasure of accompanying Eclair on numerous projects, in order to help it develop the brand and its products.

New packaging in line with the company's image

In 1950, Eclair was a bakery-pastry shop. Over the years, the company has evolved and now markets its products in chains such as Coop and Migros.
In order to convey a brand image that is up to date and consistent with Eclair’s current values, it was also time to change the packaging of the products.
We began by working on the company’s strategy, redefining the brand’s baseline and values, and then completely rethinking the design and messages of the packaging.
Through the creation of this packaging, we wanted to highlight the modernity of the company, while promoting its historical values: gourmet food and artisanal products.

In addition to the packaging, various communication media were created or redesigned to match this new brand image, including the creation of several print media, PowerPoint presentations, etc.

Special packaging for special occasions

Eclair markets products for special times of the year: cookies for the end of year celebrations, biscuits for Easter, or the galettes des Rois.
Our creative team therefore created packaging designs in line with the time of year, to make consumers want to treat themselves to Eclair products!

Redesign of the website

Our team worked on the redesign of Eclair’s website to bring it into harmony with the brand’s new visual identity.
Our designers and web developers developed a modern and functional website:
This website showcases the company, its history and values, as well as its products.

Event communication and advertising

Our creative team helped Eclair to promote its participation in events.
For this purpose, we produced:

  • Various signage supports
  • Stand coverings for events
  • Roll-ups
  • Personalized accessories: tote bag, bags, personalized materials, etc.
Habefast Etude De Cas Eclair Communication Evenementielle Et Pub Sur Le Lieu De Vente
Habefast Etude De Cas Eclair Communication Evenementielle Et Pub Sur Le Lieu De Vente 01
Habefast Etude De Cas Eclair Communication Evenementielle Et Pub Sur Le Lieu De Vente 02

Realization of food photo shooting

Our photographers have carried out several photo shoots for Eclair to accompany the company in its various projects:

  • Packshot photos for the new packaging
  • Product photos
  • Photos for social media
  • Photos of the company’s buildings
  • Photos of team members