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Management software for healthcare professionals

envymed is an innovative Swiss company specializing in the development of solutions dedicated to the medical sector. Founded with a commitment to improving doctors’ experience of managing their patient and practice data, envyMed offers cutting-edge software designed to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals, particularly doctors.

To effectively present their solution, the company commissioned our dedicated team of project managers, graphic artists, web designers and web developers to redesign their envymed website and create various communication materials.

Our LakeProd production studio was also involved in producing customer testimonial videos for the website.

Habefast Study Case Envymed Management Software For Healthcare Professionals

A website in the image of their software

The envymed company entrusted our team of web designers and developers with the task of completely redesigning their website. Our main objective was to design a website that was both effective and intuitive, highlighting the solution’s many innovative features and the benefits it offers users.

Thanks to close collaboration with the envymed teams, we were able to create a modern design consistent with the software’s design. The new site now embodies the company’s vision and offers an intuitive user experience, reinforcing its online presence.

Habefast Study Case Envymed A Website In The Image Of Their Software
Habefast Study Case Envymed Banner

Communication campaign launch

Our project managers, experts in communications, launched strategic advertising campaigns aimed at increasing awareness of envymed’s software among healthcare professionals. These campaigns were carefully designed to highlight the key benefits of the solution, specifically targeting the medical sector to ensure maximum visibility within their target audience.

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