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Habefast Corporate Culture Glossary

Corporate culture is a set of knowledge, values and behaviors adopted by the employees of a company.

Corporate culture: definition

It facilitates the functioning of a company and brings coherence to the whole. It also allows a corporate image to emerge that distinguishes the company from its competitors.

In short, the corporate culture is the DNA of the structure. It is made up of strong values, such as honesty, benevolence or hard work, which are claimed by its members. It is structured around myths, rites and symbols, but also around taboos.

Encouraged by the leaders, it is inspired by their vision but also by the past and the history of the company. The corporate culture unites people around a common goal, translates into a certain state of mind and therefore facilitates teamwork. 

The benefits of an established corporate culture

The corporate culture facilitates teamwork and gives meaning and strategic direction to the company. Each member understands the company’s philosophy and works on the same basis.

By providing a common reference, it facilitates the work of human resources. The company’s values influence the choice of recruitment and management as well as the organisation. By establishing a clear set of values, it is easier to hire people with the same dynamics. It also makes it easier to integrate new team members and can motivate and retain employees.

By creating a sense of belonging, corporate culture facilitates team cohesion. A good corporate culture facilitates internal communication but also the building of a brand image. By transmitting strong values to employees, each company transmits an image to its customers and to the public.

It is a long-term investment, but a practical and effective one to improve productivity and quality of work. The company’s values define a corporate project that clarifies actions and strategic choices and structures the company. 

How is corporate culture transmitted?

Whether in small or large companies or in start-ups, there is a corporate culture. More or less asserted but very present. It is felt and transmitted through interactions between colleagues or through the organisation of company events.