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The computer language, especially concerning the Internet, is composed of a large number of acronyms such as URL, HTTP, WWW and many others. Few people really know their meaning and their role. Find out what the URL stands for.

URL: Definition

URL stands for Uniform Resource Locators. It is a format used worldwide to access a resource on the Internet.

Most of the time we call this URL, a web address and it allows to find a page on the World Wide Web (www).

URL: Composition

There are several things that make up a URL. Let’s take the example of one of the pages of our website: https://www.habefast.ch/blog/

This URL is composed of several parts:


  • The protocol: https://

    On the web, there are different protocols that can be used to network data. Therefore, at the beginning of the URL it must be indicated which protocol is used. Most of them are the HTTPS protocol that allows to share web pages with the HTML format. This format allows the browser to secure the data contained in the page.

  • The subdomain: www.

    It allows the browser to know which page to display.

  • The main domain: habefast

    This is the name of the website and the name under which your company is registered on the Internet.

  • The second level domain: .ch

    This is the identity of the site, there are different domains such as .net, .org etc. which each provide additional information on the site. For example .ch indicates that it is a Swiss site.

  • The directory: /Blog

    This shows on which section of the site the requested page is located. Here the user understands directly that he is on the blog of our agency.