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7 September 2022 - Temps de lecture: 7 minutes

Marketing Trends in 2023


Marketing is constantly evolving. This technique, which aims to serve business strategy through market research, is used in digital and social media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. Marketing techniques reflect the evolution of web and digital trends, as well as the expectations of customers and companies, which differ every year. Currently, the trend is towards quick and direct responses and is part of the “everything now” movement. Discover the marketing trends of 2023.

Marketing trends of 2023

Marketing automation

Marketing automation means taking a step back from your strategy and implementing it as far upstream as possible.
It is about being even more attentive to the customer and to trends in order to acquire new prospects. Digital marketing or webmarketing via social networks works very well. However, there has been a clear evolution in the platforms used. In 2023 it will still be Instagram and Facebook in first place ahead of TikTok, and new emerging digital channels such as YouWho will be increasingly followed.
To improve the marketing performance of a company, it may be worthwhile to use marketing automation. Indeed, with so many communication platforms available, managing them all at once would be too complex.
It is also important to put data analysis at the heart of your marketing strategy if you want to aim for a good optimisation of your advertising expenditure and return on investment.

In 2023, influencer marketing is growing

The public is increasingly demanding content from influencers. It is estimated that the influencer content marketing market will exceed $16 billion by 2023. This clearly demonstrates the promotional quality of this strategy to be closer to its targets and improve its customer relations. Indeed, social networks adapt their algorithms so that sponsored content is put forward in a relevant way, which is more than beneficial for companies and influencers alike. This strategy allows for better targeting of potential customers and their loyalty.
Price is also an asset in influencer marketing as the return on investment can in some cases be excellent. In addition, influencer marketing allows for a certain ethics in the sense that the brand can choose an influencer based on the values he or she shares, which allows the company to get even closer to its potential customers.

The trend is towards interactive content for marketing in 2023

It is important to create engagement, both in B2B and B2C. To do this, using interactive content is very useful as the customer feels part of a thought process, in a playful or educational way. They are then proactive and you are more likely to gain their trust. You can use quizzes, questionnaires, chatbots, interactive videos, etc. as a format.
Mailing or e-mailing strategies with interactive content always pay off in terms of targeting your potential customers. It is therefore an interesting strategy to explore in order to increase your notoriety as well as your presence.

The video format remains in vogue

As we know, a picture is worth a thousand words. The video format is still in high demand. Video is the best way to highlight your product/service, which is why it is important to integrate it into your marketing strategy. Be careful, you must not fall into the trap of making videos just to create content, it must be consistent with your product/service, it must be relevant and punchy.
It is therefore important to pay attention to this format, which can be a great asset for your e-reputation during your marketing campaigns and your content creation. You can very well use the YouTube network, your website or your social networks to broadcast this kind of content which is a timeless and widely used communication channel.

Improving online chat platforms

Online chat platforms should be given a lot of attention. When a customer asks a question via chat, he or she expects an immediate response, and automatic responses are no longer sufficient, or even drive the customer away. It is therefore important to be very reactive on online chat platforms, and to be present in real time thanks to software that notifies you at the slightest question. This is also where we find the importance of communication agencies on the 2023 market, as they allow for the optimisation of the company’s time.
Moreover, it is important to collect data from prospects who ask questions via chat to be able to better design your databases and make your task easier during your communication campaigns.
So the more efficient, humanised and responsive your chat platform is, the more likely you are to generate interest among your site’s users.

The Big Data trend will continue to expand in 2023

In marketing, the issue of data collection is at the heart of concerns because it allows us to better understand potential customers and their habits. Big Data, or megadata, refers to the information resources that are stored by collecting data from web users. Big Data provides information in a classifiable way that when organised can provide a powerful analysis of the overall functioning of a business.
One of the uses of Big Data at the marketing level corresponds to information such as a user’s email address, age, location, purchasing behavior, etc. In a CX (Customer Experience) logic, Big Data enables the management of knowledge of its customers, their purchasing habits or use of services. A company can then offer a personalised customer experience and thus improve customer satisfaction.
The data is most often extracted through social networks and company tools (ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning, CRM or Customer Relationship Management) which allow the collection of a lot of data.
Companies can also plan predictive maintenance using Big Data, and reduce maintenance costs by up to 40% by analysing individual machines. They can also manage resilience and risk, i.e. prepare for unforeseen events such as Covid-19 or a crisis. Insights, i.e. understanding the customer’s need, allow future customer needs to be put into perspective in relation to potential crises, and therefore to manage risks in advance, or at least to be better prepared for them.
Big Data offers a company savings and increased efficiency. Indeed, the analyses offered by Big Data make it possible to detect inefficiencies quickly, and therefore to deploy solutions quickly and efficiently.
Due to the increasing speed of information transmission, especially due to IoT, it is becoming essential for 2023 to make its Big Data analyses as efficient as possible, and to integrate them well into its marketing strategy.

The timeless things that will still be trending in 2023

  • Feed your blog: to increase your natural referencing, generate traffic and obtain excellent SEO scores while attracting the interest of users and potential customers, it will always be trendy to feed your blog and keep it up to date.
  • Traditional marketing is still a timeless thing: customer relations are essential to create a network, especially through word of mouth, and create customer loyalty. For this, the customer experience is paramount.
  • Social networks: although trends change regularly on social networks, it is important for a brand to be present on several platforms depending on its target audience. If the trends change every year, it is necessary to transform its strategy.
  • Advertisements: digital and digital tools have made it possible to simplify advertising on the internet or on social networks in general. As part of your web strategy, especially with Google Ads, it is very important to maintain advertisements on social networks or the internet as these are strategies that pay off in the long term.

Why use a marketing agency in 2023

Digital marketing techniques are becoming more and more precise and require precise know-how. It is already essential to have a digital communication tool for a company, and no matter the size of the company, it is necessary to have competent and specialised people in the field, or to call upon a marketing communication agency for your website and your social media.
Why? You need a precise expertise of your website, social networks, numerical analysis and a content strategy that allows any company to reach more and more new prospects, and then to keep them. Digital tools must be stylish, efficient and well referenced. In addition, it is necessary to have a digital strategy for your website. The demand for this type of service is growing rapidly. As the whole SEO part is becoming more and more complex for a company that does not have a dedicated SEO department, digital marketing agencies will play a key role in the effectiveness of your website.
A communications agency specialising in digital tools will allow you to have effective support on your various digital channels, and to obtain advice on the media best suited to your needs. It offers you an expert view of your situation as well as efficient media and digital expertise.

What we do at Habefast to keep up to date with marketing trends in 2023

Our teams of digital marketing and communication experts will help you implement a multi-channel marketing strategy that is tailored to your growth objectives. We continually study new best practices to ensure that our partners are always up to date with the latest technology.