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Do you need an SEO audit? You don’t know when is the best time to do it? You need help to analyze your SEO? 

What is digital ecosystem analysis?

We can’t talk about the digital ecosystem without mentioning the SEO techniques that consist in optimizing a website to give it the best possible visibility in search engine results. By digital ecosystem, we mean all the digital contact points of a brand (sites, Facebook page, LinkedIn group etc.). It is important to analyze your digital ecosystem in order to define the possible improvements to be made. However, SEO being a technique in constant evolution, it is essential to carry out a regular control of the indicators that influence the natural referencing of your site.

The steps of an SEO analysis

SEO analysis consists of 5 main steps: 


  • The positioning of the site on Google

    Before performing the SEO analysis of your site, you have to reference it on Google. Also you must use analysis tools to control the visibility of your website. These tools allow you to have an overview of all the keywords for which you are referenced, as well as the evolution of your web notoriety.

  • The creation of an internal networking

    Beyond the incoming backlinks, it is essential to create an internal networking on your website.  Internal links also improve your SEO. The idea is to be able to link your content together and thus allow a simplified and consistent navigation for the user who decides to visit your site.

  • Control of incoming links

    It is indeed important to control the number of incoming links as well as their quality. Indeed, to have an effective netlinking strategy it is better to focus on the quality of the site that contains a link to one of your pages. You can therefore, thanks to SEO analysis, verify the origin of your links and thus choose to remove them if they come from low quality sites.

  • Optimization of the browsing experience

    In order to avoid disappointing your visitors when they visit your website, you need to work on your images and links. The images should not be too large so as not to slow down the loading of your pages. They must also be named with the keyword of your referring page. Also, be careful not to incorporate broken links, which could be frustrating for the user who cannot access a page.

  • The optimization of web pages and contents

    Once your site is well referenced on Google, you must continuously follow a logic of optimization of your pages and web content. To do this, you must control and optimize each URL. It would be preferable that these are unique and contain the keyword of the page without determinants. 

    You must also optimize your meta descriptions and add a logical structuring in your pages at the markup level (Title, H1, H2, H3 etc.) of your content.

    Regarding the improvement of your content, think about inserting keywords and not only those with a high search volume. Indeed, it is sometimes preferable to choose keywords that are less competitive but provide greater visibility. It is also necessary to take care to structure your text in order to facilitate the reading to your Net surfers. Finally, remember to regularly update your articles.


Why make an SEO analysis of your website?

There are many reasons to have your website audited. Indeed, you waste much more time doing actions on your website without first doing an SEO audit. The latter allows you to direct your changes according to the analysis that will reflect your strengths but also your weaknesses.

Finally, the SEO diagnosis could be useful in one of the following situations: 

  • If you don't know where to start to take concrete actions that will improve your SEO

  • If you wish to have advice on how to optimize your website

  • If you wish to be more present and above all better positioned in the search results

  • If you want to gain SEO traffic

  • If you are looking for new opportunities and ways of improvement

  • Etc.

The SEO audit is really necessary if you want to bet on natural referencing. However, the SEO strategy is only effective if your strengths and weaknesses have been identified beforehand. This analysis then allows you to activate the right levers and maximize your SEO. 


When to ask for an SEO analysis?

It is obvious that if you want to improve your SEO and be better positioned on search engines, it is very useful to make an SEO audit. 

Generally speaking, favour SEO analysis when: 

  • You want to evaluate the current performance of your website to ensure its usefulness and if not, make the necessary changes.

  • You are planning a redesign of your website. Indeed, a poorly controlled redesign in terms of SEO can have serious consequences. In this case, you must make sure to do the SEO audit before the website redesign.

  • Your website experiences a strong drop in positioning and/or number of visits. In case of a drop in positioning, it is essential to understand what is at stake in order to take the necessary steps to remedy it.

  • You create a website, the audit allows you to analyze competitors, keywords and especially to give recommendations to optimize your website upstream and thus avoid errors. As for the redesign of a website, it is necessary to make sure to carry out the SEO audit upstream of the creation of your website.

Remember to be consistent when you do your SEO audit. A website is ineffective if it does not exploit its full potential on Google. It is through SEO that you will gain potential leads so don’t neglect the SEO audit. You can call on our agency to help you and accompany you in your approach. This will save you time but also visibility and ultimately profitability.

Why collaborate with our SEO analysts?

An SEO analysis requires precise but above all complete skills. This is why, if you want to maximize the visibility of your site, it is useful to collaborate with an agency specialized in SEO. 

Our SEO experts and consultants will be happy to put their know-how at the service of your company. 

An SEO strategy responds to a specific problem and is specific to a particular site. The SEO audit is nothing other than the expression of a professional, exhaustive and objective work carried out by an SEO specialist. It establishes an inventory of the positioning of a site according to the market on which it evolves. 

Our SEO agency Habefast and its experts will help you to carry out this audit which will guarantee you the key to success in terms of natural referencing

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