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CMO, definition

CMO stands for Chief Marketing Officer. It can be translated into French by marketing manager. It is a central position within companies because the CMO is in charge of developing a marketing plan to facilitate the growth of a company, to allow it to increase its sales and to reinforce its notoriety.

Missions of the CMO

The CMO works in close collaboration with the general management, often within large companies, because he defines the marketing strategy of the whole structure. To do this, he must:

  1. Understand the company's position in its market

    CMOs are often graduates of business schools, which allows them to study the market and analyze customer data to determine the company’s position in the market compared to its competitors. Thanks to these analyses, they think about marketing projects.

  2. Establish a development axis

    He decides where the company should position itself in the future and how it should position itself.

    Is it better to adopt a disruptive positioning or to work on a brand identity that is out of step with its competitors? etc. Many levers exist to enable it to achieve its goals; it must choose which ones are the most effective in order to reach the set objectives.

  3. Implementing the marketing plan

    Once the strategy has been decided and validated by the CEO, the marketing manager organizes the implementation of the strategy. He/she plays the role of a project manager by ensuring that the strategy is properly implemented by the departments concerned.

The importance of the CMO for a company

His or her action plan must help build loyalty, unite customers and reach new targets. It is therefore a key position because by understanding and implementing a marketing and sales strategy, the marketing director enables the company to increase its market share and strengthen its reputation.

His or her work is the starting point in defining an ambitious growth strategy for a company. It is also the basis for the rest of the strategies that a company implements: communication strategy, commercial, etc…