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Geolocation, definition

Geolocation is a process that allows to position a target on a map using geographic coordinates. This technique can be used to determine the location of various targets: phones, vehicles or computers.

How geolocation works

It is activated by mobile users directly or by companies or applications using this service. The technologies enabling geolocation are diverse:

  • Wi-Fi geolocation

    Enabled by wireless communication and a computer network

  • GSM geolocation

    GSM stands for Global System for Mobile Communications, it allows location on phone

  • Geolocation by Radio (RFIP)

    This technique uses beacons that react to radio waves

  • Bluetooth and IP address

    There is also the geolocation thanks to the bluetooth signals and the IP address.

  • Geolocation by GPS

    The best known is the American GPS (Global Positioning System) network operating worldwide. Many countries also have their own satellite positioning system such as China with its BEIDOU system.

From a legal point of view, the use of geolocation is regulated. Indeed, it is likely to make accessible a lot of private information. In fact, at the European level, the RGPD (General Data Protection Regulation) regulates the collection of personal data and privacy.

The advantages of geolocation

Used in many sectors of activity, it provides accurate information. It is used in the field of security but also in the medical sector in order to locate people with orientation problems for example. Geolocation is also extremely useful in the marketing sector. A lot of information is made available by geomarketing allowing to adjust strategies and to better understand prospects.

Example of geolocation use:

  • Find a store around your home with applications like GoogleMaps or Local.ch. 
  • Choose and follow a route with GPS applications like Waze, Mappy or with public transport applications like SBB Mobile in Switzerland.
  • For companies, geomarketing also allows them to locate their catchment areas and adapt their territorial network.
  • Geolocation will also allow to launch very targeted communication campaigns.