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15 December 2020 - Reading time: 6 minutes

Digital communication levers: how to develop your online visibility? 

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Face the competition and increase your turnover. These are probably the objectives of your company. To do so, many strategies can be put in place. All of them will probably have a different scope and a different goal. A global communication strategy is a great way for a company to grow. Digital communication is all the more so today with the rise of new technologies and social networks. Thus, marketing and e-marketing become one and form a real asset for companies that will be able to take advantage of them. Here are a few elements that can help you…

Bring your brand to life through ambitious digital communication.

The image and notoriety of your brand are paramount. The forces of new technologies and social networks greatly facilitate communication between all economic actors and the general public. It is important to use them to convey your company’s values and ideas. For this, many tools are at your disposal and can be used quickly and simply.

First of all, social networks, or rather social media.

If their first objective was to entertain and entertain all users, social networks have gradually been transformed into real marketing assets. They now disseminate information and generate revenue from advertising, with fully personalized and interactive content. The Social Media Strategy (or SMO for Social Media Optimization) allows the company to confirm its identity but also to develop its notoriety. It also allows them to target the people they want to reach much more easily, and offers them an extremely wide range of prospects. These platforms are also useful for influence marketing or influence marketing, which refers to all the practices that aim to use the recommendation potential of influencers. It can be managed by the advertiser or most often be entrusted to a specialized agency or platform. The influencer is at the center of this strategy. It has become essential in digital communication strategies. The strength of influencers is no longer to be proven, especially among young people. Most of the time, this method is considered to increase the sales of companies only in B2C, but B2B players can also benefit considerably.

Buzz and influence marketing: powerful levers for your digital communication.

Relying on buzz and vitality can also be an interesting way to use different media (including social networks) to bring dynamism and life to your business. Buzz marketing is based on vitality and the principle by which the consumer himself becomes an actor of this propagation. He must thus become the ambassador of your brand. However, this is only possible if this strategy is fully mastered. It is an inexpensive way to have a high visibility and to widen the audience reached. To be successful, define the message you will communicate to a carefully selected target audience, because they will be your spokesperson! Finally, a viral campaign that creates buzz is not necessarily virulent or bordering on the forbidden. You can play with several types of content: entertainment, humor, emotion, information… Many choices are available to you.

Use SEO as a lever for digital communication.

Your visibility, and this via SEO, is a must among all the digital strategies available to you. Appearing on the different search engines is mandatory if you want to be ambitious. Most purchases or contacts with a company are now made directly on the Internet.

The first step for your digital communication remains the natural referencing. Also called SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it consists, thanks to “on-site” optimization, of improving the content and performance of your site to give it more value by informing the customer on the subject that interests him. The “off-site” strategy is also an effective method of natural referencing, and is based for example on the acquisition of external qualitative links to your website. These methods represent the key elements of inbound marketing, which is the principle by which a company seeks to have its prospects or customers address it naturally or spontaneously by delivering useful information or services. The objective is finally to attract traffic and attention naturally thanks to a qualitative and adapted content. This can take many forms: white papers, tutorials, computer graphics, case studies, blog posts, podcasts, expert videos…

Paid referencing, also known as SEA (Search Engine Advertising), works on performance. It relies on search engine advertising, and the purchase of keywords on several distribution networks such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Sponsored Links. This technique is also used on social networks, with Facebook Ads for example. It is, ultimately, a way to quickly ensure the visibility of your site: paid referencing allows you to quickly place your site in the results of search engines, unlike natural referencing which can take more time. It is a real-time control of your campaign: thanks to SEA, you have the possibility to modify and adjust in real time your advertisement and your budget, which are generally affordable even if it depends on your field of activity and the competition.

Interact with your customers to improve your online visibility.

The relationships you will maintain with your customers and users must be an important part of your digital communication strategy. Competition is increasing with the rise of technologies and means of communication, which no longer cross regional or national borders, but continental and global ones. Users now have access to an infinite amount of information or intelligence, as well as products or services. It is therefore necessary to bring real added value to your offer. To do so, you can build on the characteristics of your offer, but you can also rely on the way you will put it forward. Thus, building a long-lasting and trusting relationship with your customer through marketing will allow you to build loyalty, and why not to obtain new leads.

Some tools that have been used for several years such as emailing have already proven themselves and are as effective as ever. First of all, the newsletter can meet several objectives: promote products or services, inform about news, highlight editorial content, build audience loyalty or generate recurring traffic to your site. It fits perfectly into the Inbound marketing strategy that we mentioned a little more precisely above. For it to be effective in the long term, it must be more than a simple notification that you would send “by default” every week. The newsletter must be sent regularly to the targeted people with a very individualized approach so that the content is in line with the expectations of the recipients. The frequency of sending can be daily, weekly or monthly. It is usually sent as part of an emailing campaign, but it is not the only option. There are indeed other types of emailing campaigns, more commercial.

Other means are available to you to interact with your customers. For example, you can create instant connections through live chat software on your site. This will facilitate your exchanges with the consumers and will allow you to gain in reactivity, and thus to maximize your sales. You will meet the growing demand of consumers: communicate more directly with businesses. This new generation of users and buyers is also adept at a new practice: sharing opinions and experiences. The e-reputation of your company must be one of your priorities. Many prospects will indeed go to the customers’ opinions when they are interested in an offer before placing an order or making a purchase. When these opinions are positive, leads are numerous. When they are negative, leads quickly retract and change offers. It is therefore imperative that you make sure that your customers’ opinions are favorable. To do this, listen to them.

Why use our communication agency to increase your online visibility?

As you will have understood, digital communication is essential if you want to increase your sales and visibility. Of course, it represents a tremendous asset for your company, but it is also and above all an obligation if you intend to stand up to and surpass your competitors. There are many digital communication levers, and we’ve given you some of them in this article: SMO, marketing influence, SEO and SEA or even emailing campaigns… Yet, there are still many others! Pay attention to the efficiency, performance and consistency of these according to your expectations, but also to the subject you would like to address, because they do not all have the same value. Calling on a communication agency will allow you to save precious time but also money. Your digital campaigns and strategies will be more effective and will bring you leads faster and easier. The agency’s expertise will also allow you to benefit from valuable advice.