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16 November 2018 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Street marketing: pros and cons

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Street marketing, as a commercial strategy, allows startups as well as large companies to stand out through immersive advertising adapted to everyday life, to assert their positioning without the cash deficits linked to traditional communication. Are there only advantages to street marketing? Should it be integrated into the marketing mix?

What is street marketing?

Street marketing is a communication technique applied in outdoor locations such as the street or public places to promote an event, a place, a product or a brand and attract attention. It is generally used to broadcast alternative messages or for product launches. $It is usually used to deliver alternative messages or for product launches. It allows targeting according to the population that frequents the chosen location.

It creates a feeling of proximity between a brand and a consumer because individuals are approached by animators directly in their environment and daily life. This allows them to distribute flyers and leaflets or any printed communication support to present the objectives of this communication campaign. This commercial animation can also be done with the help of a counter and a hostess or several. You can also put inflatable balloons to catch the eye of your new potential customers.

Carrying out this type of advertising campaign requires a good communication plan to turn it into a viral marketing and to appeal to a maximum number of people, whether on site or on social networks.

Above all, many advantages

Low cost

The cost of a street marketing campaign is generally lower than TV or print. Originally, it was very popular with startups. It allows you to benefit from a place of expression without having to bear the cost. It is a very good media development opportunity for small businesses, depending on their own ability to invest in advertising. However, large companies are not outdone.

Product launch

A street marketing campaign facilitates the launch of new products. A creative campaign should generally strike a chord with the consumer. It is a unique opportunity to meet a larger audience that would not have had the reflex to come on their own thanks to new marketing tools.

Creative Expression in Preview

Street marketing allows the creative teams of advertisers in charge of developing strategic marketing campaigns to express themselves. They can give free rein to their imagination and propose innovative ideas in order to spread the brand image of a company and can also use street art. The break is generally welcomed by the consumer thanks to the surprise effect that this advertising campaign generates. It therefore allows you to capture a maximum number of people without having a very precise target with the help of a proximity communication, it also allows you to anchor your slogan in the memories.

Word-of-mouth, an exponential factor

The aim of a street marketing agency is to provoke reactions from consumers through its operation, that they relay the campaign to their friends and family to reach a large number of people, particularly through social media. It’s a quick way to promote an offer. Word-of-mouth is a central element that makes successful campaigns.

The buzz effect: synonymous with a successful campaign

If the campaign appeals to the public, it can generate a snowball effect. On a regional or even national level, it can go viral and be broadcast on television or in the press. The campaign then takes on a more significant character. Therefore, the advertising message and the communication media chosen must be well thought out. Do not hesitate to call upon a specialized agency for this.

From Guerrilla Marketing to Street Marketing: unconventional codes that make an impression

Originally called Guerilla Marketing (Levinson, 1884), street marketing is an unconventional technique. It goes against the codes, like a counterculture. Tagging, for example, is a form of counter-culture, of urban art, which leaves no one indifferent. It is a major vector for brands in the urban landscape. Breaking the rules has become a differentiating factor. This is why such unconventional strategies can be extremely relevant for your company. Thanks to them, your advertising messages will benefit from high visibility. They should therefore be considered within your marketing plan for the promotion of your company, your point of sale or for product launches.

Disadvantages to be aware of

Compliance with certain rules

Poorly designed, a street marketing operation can be risky for the company. It is important that it respects certain ethics and rules to trigger positive reactions from the public. Thus, the brand will benefit from positive feedback, especially on social networks that often act as relays.

Anticipate the reactions of prospects

Consumers should not feel manipulated by the brand and should continue to feel involved. In a relatively anti-advertising climate, consumers are very much in demand. Be creative and don’t hesitate to offer goodies that reflect your image!

Collecting data

It is difficult to measure the impact of a street marketing operation accurately. The number of people reached and the effect on sales are often impossible to determine 100%. However, it is possible to measure customer acquisition through data collection: when a street marketing campaign is successful, the engagement of your potential customers is increased tenfold. It is therefore not easy to set marketing objectives for this type of campaign.

Compliance with the law

Some street marketing is illegal. Some street marketing activities are illegal, so there are laws that govern these operations. Do not damage public property, do not cause noise pollution or hinder traffic: these requirements often complicate the choice of the appropriate location for your marketing and communication campaign. Street marketing is a buzz-generating communication technique.

Street marketing is a communication technique that generates buzz. It allows companies to enhance their brand, thanks to strategic levers, at a lower cost and to let their team’s creativity express itself. However, it is necessary to make sure that it respects certain rules so that the result is positive. In this sense, tests on small target samples can, in particular, help to avoid the brand from being overwhelmed.

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