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12 July 2018 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Behavioral marketing, what opportunities for your business?

Habefast Blog Article Behavioral Marketing

“One to one” or “one to few” marketing is now a reality thanks to behavioral marketing. Much more than advertising, behavioral marketing consists of personalizing the content offered to Internet users according to their tastes and interests.

More personalization

The concept of behavioral marketing was born in the 2000s, at the same time as the emergence of contextual advertising. Behavioral marketing allows for more precise targeting since it is based on the collection and use of user data. Thus, you have the possibility to better know the behavior of your customers and/or prospects and to personalize your offers and content.

A win-win approach

Behavioral marketing is a win-win strategy. For your company, it allows you to increase your conversion rate thanks to more personalized advertising campaigns. For your customers and prospects, they will no longer face overexposure to advertising but rather campaigns tailored to their expectations and interests

On the other hand, users particularly appreciate having the possibility to react to the advertisements presented to them. For example, on Facebook and Instagram, there are features that allow them to give their opinion as to whether they find the ad relevant or not.

A tool that adapts to your company's challenges

Data is collected via cookies, in real time and on your website. This way you will have detailed information on the behavior and habits of your visitors (e.g. new or old visitors, geolocation etc.). Heat maps are a second, more in-depth analysis tool than cookies. They allow you to obtain the percentage of clicks and the depth of the scroll. Thanks to this, you know if your visitors have concentrated on the first page of your site, or if they have scrolled the page in order to discover it in depth. 

In a competitive market, your company will benefit from data that takes into account the habits of your visitors. This way, your ads and offers can be more personalized and adapted to new trends.  

Mobile, the main tool of behavioral marketing

The mobile is the main communication medium for consumers, it is on it that they share their daily lives the most. Thus, it allows in-depth targeting.

It is possible to know the behaviors, age groups, social class of the users via their packages, the applications they use, the keywords entered on their search engines… As a marketing agency, Habefast accompanies you to carry out your behavioral marketing strategy.

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