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9 August 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Geomarketing, an efficient decision support tool


Having the ability to know your customers and prospects well is a highly coveted skill in the business world, which is not always easy to achieve. With geomarketing, everything becomes possible! Define the behaviors and habits of the inhabitants of a geographical area and target the most relevant profiles for your marketing strategy.

What is geomarketing?

Geomarketing is a marketing technique that uses geographic data to implement a marketing strategy. This concept is based on the observation that individuals living in the same geographical area develop very similar socio-demographic, economic and cultural habits and behavior. Geomarketing will then analyze their behaviors in order to define the consumption flows, the most attractive business locations or even the opportunities for creating points of sale.

This tool brings together an analysis of socio-behavioral, socio-demographic and geographic data, useful in particular to determine in which locations the number of collective housing units is the most important? In which neighborhood? What is the average income? What are the consumption habits?

Geomarketing also relies on your own company data containing geographic data. Indeed, 80% of your data contains geographical information such as an address or a postal code. You can find this information in your customer files, your establishments or your employee list.

Which data are to use in geomarketing?

  • Geographic data

When setting up your geomarketing strategy, certain elements must be taken into consideration. First of all, you will have to take into account the geographical data of your target. To do so, determine the roads and transportation that your customers have in common to get to your point of sale. To verify the accessibility of your company, look also at the natural barriers such as a river, a forest or a mountain.

  • Socio-demographic data

Next, look at information related to your customers’ situation. Look at the income available in the household, the composition of the household, and the age and gender of each person in the household. You can focus on the type of housing that is lived in to learn more about the population style of the geographic area you have chosen.

  • Data on consumer habits

Analyze your target’s buying behavior to understand what they consume most, how often and under what conditions. You can also study how they consume (in store, online…) and what type of media could influence their consumption choices.

  • Data from your competitors

To know how to position yourself, base yourself on the behavior of your competitors in the geographical area of your choice. What are their geographical positions or their attractiveness in the local market. Take as an example the forms of advertising they put forward in the area and the way they interact with customers.

  • Contextual data

You need to ensure that you are visible and easily accessible in the geographic area of your choice. To do this, check with the city to see if there is public transportation in the area or if there is good traffic flow.

What are the advantages of geomarketing?

With the previous analysis, you will be able to find an ideal location for your business, taking into account the hazards of the geographical area. You will also be able to set up an efficient communication campaign thanks to the knowledge you will have acquired about your customers and their behaviors. But in concrete terms, what advantages will you have by using geomarketing?

First of all, you will increase the knowledge you have of your customers and thus expand your prospecting area. With this knowledge, you will be able to adapt your communication and choose a marketing strategy in correlation with your target customers and their consumption behaviors.

By having a good knowledge of the geographical sector and the catchment area of your company, you will be able to counter the establishment of a competitor. You know the people in the area well and know how they consume and under what conditions. Organize specific campaigns for certain districts and send promotional offers adapted to the needs of each one.

Finally, you will be able to increase your turnover thanks to a more efficient and profitable marketing strategy. Geomarketing allows a complete analysis of the real behaviors of the inhabitants close to your activity area. From their physical movement from their home to their purchases in your store, you are informed of their consumption habits.

The marketing strategy you define will therefore be able to respond to their needs in a much more precise way than with a simple market analysis. In terms of communication, you will also gain in efficiency. You will be able to address clear and relevant messages to your prospects who will then become much easier to convert into customers.

The Habefast agency accompanies you in the creation of a geomarketing strategy

Our communication and strategy consulting agency in Nyon, offers its services to accompany you in the implementation of a geomarketing strategy in order to improve your efficiency on a defined geographical area. Thanks to a complete analysis of your business needs, we will bring you personalized solutions to meet your expectations and help you develop your business.

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