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27 January 2015 - Reading time: 2 minutes

Marketing Trends 2015 – Part 01

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With the rise of digital, companies and mainly marketing departments must seize new opportunities. Digitalization is becoming a key step as this transformation is inevitable to meet the needs of the market.

As a central element of companies’ promotional strategies, the marketing sector will continue to evolve in 2015, and spending on digital marketing will increase.

This year, the main trends in the digital field are: experiential and augmented reality, connected objects, especially with the strong development of e-health, mobile…

What can 2015 hold for us?

The year will be experiential

Experiential marketing is experiencing a real boom, which is the big word of the year 2015. In this context, the customer experience is at the heart of corporate communication. It’s all about creating experiences on a human scale.

Experiential marketing is notably based on augmented reality, a real staging system through supports, tools, etc.

Experiential marketing is based on augmented reality, which is a real staging system using supports, tools, etc.

This small 5 cm box connected to the USB port of the PC is able to detect finger movements and allows to drive applications. It is ideal for interactive installations, and adaptable in several fields (automotive, creative, educational, medical, industrial, retail…).

Objects will be more and more connected

Connected objects are developing more and more and many of them already exist in some sectors: fleet management, container tracking, health and personal services – which is a sector with a very high potential.

This low-energy transmitter can notify smartphones in the vicinity (with the application) of its presence. The Beacon can then send personalized notifications about products on sale around us or that we are looking for, about our hotel or flight reservations, or for any type of entertainment.

Think mobile first

Thanks to the mass use of smartphones and tablets, it is inevitable for businesses to offer accessible content to mobile users, especially as we are witnessing a real explosion in multi-screen marketing. The mobile web will therefore intensify in 2015, overtaking even the classic desktop Internet. The responsiveness of web content is therefore an element to be considered carefully.

Bonus: Mobile will account for more than 20% of the digital market share in 2015

Video marketing will occupy a greater place in marketing concerns

The demand for quality content has increased significantly in recent years, and video marketing is therefore of interest. This media format attracts and seduces more, more quickly than the usual content, and it allows greater interactivity for the presentation of a company, its panel of products and/or services. The video trend is a trend that clearly stands out! Here is an opportunity for your communication strategy: with the rise of digital, companies and especially marketing departments must follow this niche.

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