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24 January 2022 - Reading time 7 minutes

Marketing and digital marketing trends in 2022

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Since the beginning of marketing development in Europe in the 1960s, trends have evolved and continue to evolve in an increasingly digital world. Brands and companies have to adapt in a world of constant change.

After having analyzed the 2022 trends in graphic design, digital and SEO in our previous articles, it is time for us to present you the marketing and digital marketing trends for this new year.

What is marketing?

Marketing includes all the means that a company uses to market its products and services on a targeted market. It is necessary to know the market well in order to apply a marketing strategy that will develop the commercialization of products or services. Many tools exist to prepare a marketing strategy and take into account all the elements.

In the big family of marketing we find digital marketing which is the set of techniques used on digital supports and channels to promote products and services. Digital marketing is nowadays an important part of a company’s development strategy, as the number of people using the internet is increasingly high (100% of the 15 to 55 year old age group in Switzerland in 2020 according to the government).

Marketing and digital marketing: trends for 2022

  • Video marketing

    Video marketing is on the rise. It is now an asset to attract new customers and highlight your products, your services or your company’s philosophy.

    The 2021 figures for the various social networks prove it once again, with 167 million videos viewed every minute on TikTok and 694,000 videos streamed on YouTube.

    Whether it’s on YouTube, TikTok or on Instagram via stories or Reels, consumers want video content to discover more about your products and your company.

    According to a Wyzoul study, 86% of consumers want more videos from the brands and companies they support. According to the same study, your video content is twice as likely to be shared on social media as other content.

    With 7 out of 10 consumers preferring video content to other content, it’s time for you to adopt this strategy! Whether it’s product videos, team interviews, vlogs, tutorials or company videos, there are plenty of ways to express your creativity.

  • Inclusive marketing

    Many people have been complaining about the lack of diversity in advertising in recent years. One of the marketing trends for 2022 will be to improve marketing campaigns to reflect the diversity of the population.

    Many ads today take into account age, gender, social class, sexual orientation or ethnicity.

    But be careful, inclusive marketing should be done in a natural, subtle and sincere way. If it is not, the message may be misperceived, creating the opposite of what you wanted to convey. The goal is to promote good values to change mentalities. The integration of minorities in your marketing campaigns is therefore an asset. The image of openness of a company is important and allows to increase the loyalty of its customers.

  • Experiential marketing

    Experiential marketing is a growing trend. It is a tool that will become an essential element for customer loyalty, so that they can feel close to the brand and the company. This approach, which is in line with sensory marketing, aims to give the customer a unique and engaging experience to take them out of their daily lives.

    It is also a plus that allows you to differentiate from your competitors.

    If you come up with an impactful idea, the customer will remember the experience.

    So it’s up to you to be creative and find the experience that will make your customers want to join you.


    Discover our article on experiential marketing.

  • Adapting your marketing strategy without cookies

    Just getting used to cookies? You’ll have to do without them! Google has announced the end of cookies for 2023. We will have to do without them. Companies will have to find other solutions and use other tools. Targeting and tracking will decrease which will restrict the tracking of marketing campaigns.

  • Rely on the metaverse

    On October 28th, Facebook’s boss, Mark Zuckerberg, announced during his virtual conference the change of name of the Facebook group to Meta. A change of name that foreshadows the company’s investment in the metaverse. So it’s no longer a fad, the metaverse is already here.

    Considered as the successor of the internet (we also talk about web 3.0), the metaverse is in full development. Digital marketing will evolve little by little with this universe. It is important to stay informed about the evolution of this technology to become a major player.

    Some companies have already started, notably by developing virtual reality and augmented reality. This allows them to take a first step in this new virtual world.

    It is certain that when the metaverse world develops, new opportunities for marketing will also develop.

    Some artists have already taken the plunge by performing in video games or virtual worlds, such as Travis Scott. The American rapper realized in 2020 a virtual concert on the video game Fortnite gathering nearly 27 million fans on 5 concerts.

    Digital marketing will then have to evolve along with the metaverse to reach consumers in a new dimension.

  • Personalized marketing

    Personalized marketing is not something new. This marketing strategy with a high level of individualization is still today a good way to make your customers and prospects even closer and more loyal to your company. This can be done through personalized birthday messages with a discount on your next visit to the store or by offering customers products related to their last purchases. Many techniques exist and are still to be created according to your creativity.

    Today, personalized marketing is also developing thanks to an increasingly efficient artificial intelligence allowing to analyze much more data in much less time.

    This desire for personalization persists among consumers, making personalized marketing a trend that is still relevant for 2022.

  • Artificial intelligence, a support for digital marketing

    Although it is necessary to keep a human touch for your customers, AI can help you in some missions.

    First of all, AI can be of great help in non-value added missions. This help will allow you to free up your time for more complex tasks.

    Artificial intelligence will also allow you to boost your marketing actions by sending to your customers and prospects the right offers at the right time.

    You can also find the ability to automatically generate content to inspire you.

    Managing an after-sales service is not always easy. AI can help you in this mission with a chat box that will automatically answer your customers on common questions.

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