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16 December 2022 - Reading time: 4 minutes

Why should you choose our advertising agency for your Google Ads campaigns?

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What is Google Ads?

Google Ads is a Google’s advertising agency, which is involved in a company’s SEA strategy. Indeed, to be referenced on Google and therefore improve its visibility with potential customers, there are two methods: SEO and SEA. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a non-paying method of referencing your website that uses semantics and keywords to appear as high as possible in search results. SEA corresponds to the paid referencing, which makes it possible to be at the top of the search results quite easily.
Google Ads is a tool that allows you to run advertising campaigns by sponsoring links to make them appear in the first Google results on predefined queries. These links are often marked with a “sponsored” heading. This is very practical for obtaining results quickly and improving your ranking, get qualified traffic on your site, as well as targeting a specific customer target.
Google Ads is a proven and very effective tool. It is therefore a must for SEA, especially when used efficiently. Google Ads and Google Adwords are two equivalent terms, but Google Ads has been the new name for Google Adwords since 2018, so it’s quite an old term.

How does Google Ads fit into your SEO/SEA strategy?

Google Ads allows you to maximize the reach of your advertising campaigns. During the early days of the Internet, it was complex to attract prospects to a company’s website. The Google Ads system was created in 2003 with the possibility to have control over your campaigns in real time while targeting your prospects and managing your budget.
It is therefore a competitive asset in your strategy since it complements SEO and word-of-mouth in general. You have the possibility to make short term or long term campaigns depending on your objective.
In any case, Google Ads increases the relevance of your site and gives you an immediate visibility to prospects. It is therefore an effective web strategy that allows you to generate traffic and distribute your ads more effectively.


How does Google Ads work?

The goal of Google Ads in exchange for a certain amount of money is to create performance for your company. Therefore, you only pay if a user clicks on your sponsored ad.

When an advertiser decides to set up a SEA campaign on Google Ads, it is first necessary to bid on keywords whose price depends on supply and demand. Indeed, some words are more expensive than others, so it is similar to an auction system. After that, you can create your own ads, manage the key phrases and what you will make visible on the search results. Then it’s the CPC rule, the cost per click. The advertiser only pays if a user clicks on its ad.

How can our advertising agency help you maximize the efficiency of Google Ads?

Our Google-certified agency will provide you with advice on this matter: indeed, it can be complex to decide which keywords to choose, what budget to put, when, what type of prospect to target, etc. Experts can intervene at this level to provide explanations and accompany you throughout the process to generate the best possible conversion rate.

Another advantage of our agency is that we can provide you with consistent analysis in real time. Our experts will be able to interpret the figures generated by Google Ads, explain them to you, and adapt your advertising campaign strategy to make it as effective as possible. Finally, Google Ads is even more effective when combined with a good search engine optimization strategy. Our referencing agency will be able to assist you and accompany you on several fronts at the same time, allowing you to have more visibility, reach more prospects and ultimately generate a better conversion rate.
We accompany you to reach your objectives by increasing your notoriety and your qualified traffic thanks to our long experience which allows our experts to know perfectly the algorithm of Google.
The objective of going through our agency is to get a specialized expertise according to your field to show you the best practices and explain you all the features of Google Ads. This represents a saving of time and money.

The fact of going through our agency also avoids any mistake when structuring your Google Ads campaigns, because we have worked with many companies and have seen recurring errors. We are therefore aware of the best practices. Indeed, we put everything in place so that your Google Ads strategy works:
-We conduct prior research on keywords to choose the most relevant according to the budget and objectives. We are careful not to target too many keywords in order not to lose effectiveness.
-We follow and analyze the results of the campaign to update the strategy if necessary.
-We advise you on the budget to invest: the ROI (return on investment) is often quite high. It is a tool in which you should not hesitate to put some budget.
-We test the ads to be sure they are effective.
We always recommend a long-term strategy, which is always more effective and allows a clear growth of the conversion rate of a company.

Contact our agency for your Google Ads campaign!

Our SEA experts will support you in creating and managing your advertising campaigns via Google Ads. If you want to improve the notoriety of your company, your click rate, your web traffic and thus your conversion rate, Google Ads is an essential acquisition leverage to obtain results. We advise you throughout the process so that your campaign is profitable and thus generates traffic.