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18 November 2022 - Reading time: 5 minutes

Why use a communications agency for your email marketing strategy

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Email is a communication medium that consumers prefer for promotional information. Indeed, even if promotional advertising campaigns are abundant on the latter, consumers prefer to receive advertising by email. It is therefore a very interesting tool for developing a company’s reputation and services.

What is emailing?

Emailing is a technique used in communication. The idea is to send content by email to targeted people via a database to generate an increase in sales.

There are different types of emailing:

  • Newsletter: the newsletter informs the reader about news, promotions, company information or any other relevant content that may be of interest to a current customer with whom to maintain a relationship or a potential customer with whom to build a relationship.
  • Prospecting email: the purpose of this type of email is to acquire new customers. It is therefore a question of proposing products or services, introducing the company or proposing interactive formats with questionnaires, games or other.
  • Promotional email: the specific aim of promotional email is to present products or services that are new, to present them to current customers but also to prospects who have been targeted beforehand.
  • Loyalty email: this type of email is only aimed at current customers, whether they are regular buyers or not. The aim is to encourage them to use your company again. Formats such as rewards and gifts to congratulate them on their purchases, or discount vouchers can be requested. This will make the customer want to come back and therefore build loyalty.
  • Email invitations: if you are organizing special events, trade fairs, product or service presentations, launch days, etc., you can invite customers or prospects to come and find out what you are offering. You will need a large database to reach the people you are targeting.

One of the ways email marketing works is through marketing automation, which is the use of planning and mailing methods so that it is done automatically by computer tools rather than by hand. The same concept is used to obtain data on targeted people who belong to the same consumer category. Marketing automation is an essential part of digital marketing.

Why emailing is an essential marketing technique

External communication in general is essential for a company as it allows them to communicate to the outside world in order to raise awareness and generate a better conversion rate through digital marketing. Therefore, there are very useful tools in emailing strategy with : 

  1. The benefits of newsletters: newsletters allow you to get closer to your customers and prospects with formats that can be original and fun.
  2. Personalisation through customer targeting: emailing targets specific customers. It is therefore necessary to use several databases depending on the people you are trying to inform, which makes it possible to create different types of mail specific to each category. This generates a better user experience as the prospect feels special, and is more interested in discovering your offers and news.
  3. Improve click-through and conversion rates: the advantage of emails is that they are almost certain to reach their recipient, unless they are mistaken. This ensures excellent visibility to the consumer, and therefore both a good open rate, often followed by a good click rate if your email is well targeted and has pleasant content, and finally, it generates a better conversion rate.
  4. A lower cost: the return on investment generated by the mailing strategy can only be beneficial. The cost of setting up a mailing is low, while the target audience is very varied and likely to be interested. As a result, the return on investment is very good, and it is therefore an excellent asset for your digital strategy.

Why use a communication agency for your emailing strategy

A professional agency has experience in this type of strategy. Communication being its strong point, it will be able to put forward your assets while creating attractive content for the client. An agency will be able to act with regularity thanks to professional tools, and will be able to propose mails with beautiful designs thanks to its professional graphic designers.
A good mailing strategy is quite feasible if you know what mistakes to avoid and who you are addressing. Communication agencies have experience in creating specific databases to better target consumers likely to be interested in your products and services. Emailing can be effective if the approach is individualised and the databases well segmented.
In addition, they are familiar with good marketing practices and can easily identify the best strategy for your situation. An agency has the knowledge of the right marketing solutions to generate interest through email campaigns.
They will also be able to automate your campaigns to make the process easier, analyse the results and offer you follow-up to improve the strategy and propose the best content. This saves you time, ensures the quality and professionalism of the content, and gives you the certainty of generating a good return on investment.

How Habefast supports you in your emailing strategy

Our communication agency and its graphic designers will help you with your emailing strategies using professional tools. We offer a follow-up from A to Z with analyses, advice and regularity that lasts over time. We are committed to increasing your brand awareness to guarantee a better conversion rate thanks to our project managers who are invested in your campaigns.
We create newsletters according to your needs and expectations, as well as the objectives you have set for yourself.